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Fixed foot pain to LeWedges(1 post)

Fixed foot pain to LeWedgeslc21998
Dec 21, 2003 3:42 PM
People (including me) have previously asked about pain on the outside of the foot while riding. This morning I rode with LeWedges for the first time. They are little plastic shims that fit between the shoe and the cleat and are thicker on one side than the other. Most people (again including me) use them with the thicker side on the inside of the shoe, which tilts the foot slightly away from the bike. They're fantastic. For the first time I had no pain on the outside of my left foot and for the first time I felt as if my foot could push straight down on the pedals. The only problem with them is their price. It's about $25 for eight pieces of plastic. (The box includes eight shims so you can stack them to get the correct position.)Outrageous price but they work. I'll bet you more mechanically inclined guys could make your own for about $.80.