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glue tape yes or no(5 posts)

glue tape yes or nospookyload
Dec 21, 2003 2:51 PM
Just got my first set of tubulars in two decades. Nimble Crosswinds. My question is strong is the Tufo glue tape? Carrying a spare is always a mess if you have to preglue the tire, and this seems like a pretty easy way to remount a tire in the event of a flat. The spare would just have to be stretched and not pre-glued.

As a note to purpose...I ride 8-10 centuries a year, and that is what these wheels will be used for. Not a bunch of hard cornering. The worst would be some mountain downhills. I am still proficient at standard glueing, so if I here bad things about this stuff then that is what I will probably do.

Last question: What is the best goop for removing all the old glue? I used to use paint thinner, but with the composite rim am leary of using it on these wheels.
re: glue tape yes or nomackgoo
Dec 21, 2003 2:58 PM
I've been using tape for the last year. I've had no problems at all. Easy as pie.
re: glue tape yes or noBob1010
Dec 21, 2003 3:10 PM
If you live in a hilly area use the high temp tape. When temps would get high the sticky stuff would ooze out and get caught up on the brake pads...this was with the original Tufo tape. As for cleaning the rims..acetone or Goof Off..I also found that 3-M's Fasttack to work well also Good Luck
I've used it...biknben
Dec 21, 2003 5:16 PM
I used the tape once. The stuff was great for installation. Throw the normal gluing routine out the window. You'll be done in ten minutes.

I did notice the oosing (sp?) out of the sides but never thought it was a big deal. It never interfered with my pads.

The tape holds the tire well. Maybe too well. It took me forever to get the tires off and it was a gooey mess.

Installation is great but paybacks are a b!tch.
No, but maybe:Alexx
Dec 22, 2003 5:50 AM
I won't use it, or any tape, as my primary glue. Even the best tape isn't as strong as good old Vittoria Mastik1 or Conti glue. Sorry, it just isn't.

I MIGHT consider using it on a spare, depending on how much room I have available. Still, a pre-glued spare will take less space, but if somebody gives me a tufo tape, I just might carry it on a really long ride.

As far as protection for punctures on long rides, put a pair of Tufo Specials on-these things are nearly indestructable (nearly, but not completely....)