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switching out saddles between racing and training: bad idea?(5 posts)

switching out saddles between racing and training: bad idea?collegiateryder
Dec 20, 2003 7:22 PM
hi guys,

forgive me if this question is totally idiotic, but would it be sensible to switch out a heavier saddle for a lighter one during the race season. im using a selle italia max flite that picked up for long training rides and it feels great now that its broken in, but i found a sweet deal on a SLR and im not sure whether or not i should swap them once the race season starts.

assuming i make sure i match the height down to a fraction of a millimeter, will i be causing myself more problems than the weight saving is worth?
re: switching out saddles between racing and training: bad idea?rogue_CT1
Dec 20, 2003 8:02 PM
Why? Just get used to the SLR if that is what you are going to race with. The SLR is super comfy- I use them on all three of my bikes. I don't have any problems no matter the mileage.

Where did you get a deal on the SLR? I'm always on the look out for another one. I got one last winter for $45 from Cambria- now that's a sweet deal!
re: switching out saddles between racing and training: bad idea?collegiateryder
Dec 20, 2003 8:49 PM
i like using the max flite because of the cut out portion, which somewhat takes care of the numbness problem i used to have, but thats only during slower rides (15-16mph avg. over 60-100 miles). during the faster rides (18-19mph avg) my legs support more of the wieght because im hammering a lot more so the benefit of the cutout is minimized.

im also im looking at it from the point of view of having a heavier saddle, wheels, and tires on during training so that when i switch them out for the lighter stuff i will be able to reap even more benefits from having trained with heavier gear.
To make it easier...DERICK
Dec 20, 2003 9:18 PM
Buy a cheap,heavy seatpost for the Max Flite and swap the posts and seats together. This way you only have mess with one bolt and don't have to worry about readjusting the saddle each time. Just mark each post with the correct height and it will be a 30 second swap between training and racing setup. You should have no problem finding a seatpost for under $20.00.
my $.02: don't do itOffTheBack
Dec 21, 2003 6:11 AM
I'm of the belief that it's best to train and race on the exact same equipment (except maybe wheels & tires). That way all your muscles and joints will be in the same position on race day that they're used to, and there will be no surprises.

Also (and this is a separate, more controversial, issue) I don't think deliberaltely using heavy equipment in training to make yourself stronger is a good idea. If it's heavy enough to make any difference, it's going to make you ride slower, and riding slower is not good practice for riding faster, which is what you want to do in a race. Training should simulate racing conditions as closely as possible so you are familiar with how the bike handles at speed, which gears you like, how close you can draft the guy in front of you, etc.