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Latest way to beat drug tests?(4 posts)

Latest way to beat drug tests?KeeponTrekkin
Dec 18, 2003 7:12 PM
You couldn't make this s**t up
re: Latest way to beat drug tests?Akirasho
Dec 18, 2003 7:50 PM
... it's been years since I took such a test... but even back then... the person collecting the specimen (they did hair as well... and I'm bald... so as long as my drawers were down...) kept an eye on my... plumbing... and not in a good way.

If I were gonna try to "improve" on the Whizzinator... I'd eliminate the phake phallus altogether... and replace it with a catheter... then, instead if inflating the balloon with sterile water... you'd use the "clean" urine specimen... then when called upon, you'd secretly (and carefully) slice the end off the catheter... thus draining the balloon (course, you'd have to insert the catheter just before going for the test... and have as empty a bladder as possible... and the nerve to catheterize yourself using aseptic techniques... or a handfull of antibiotics for the bladder infection that'll probably ensue... but hey, at least you passed!). Then comes the good part... telling the collector that you need to take a dump so they'll leave you in peace as you try to phish the damn thing out.

Be the bike.

Be the bike.
Hardly the latestKerry Irons
Dec 19, 2003 5:21 PM
This technique was demonstrated in the TdF MANY years ago. The name escapes me right now, but the guy was in the yellow jersey, and I'm thinking it was after the AdH stage. He had a clean sample in a rubber bulb inside his shorts, but was caught in the act and thrown out of the tour in disgrace.
PollentierDerrick VL
Dec 20, 2003 7:12 AM
His name was Michel Pollentier.

The story says that he took urine from his wife. The doctors found it rather strange that Pollentier seemed to be pregnant...