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What's up with Kestrel lately? 2004 "Evoke" & "Airfoil" frames(4 posts)

What's up with Kestrel lately? 2004 "Evoke" & "Airfoil" framesSynchronicity
Dec 18, 2003 7:10 PM
I havn't been keeping up with the latest, so you've probably all seen/heard about this months ago, but I decided to log on to the ol' Kestrel website a few minutes ago.....

Why have they all of a sudden gone for that hard-edged look???
Kestrel frames like the 200/500 series have always had this "organic look", which is one of the reasons I liked Kestrel frames so much. Oh well.

Other images can be seen/downloaded from the kestrel site

The high-res airfoil pic is a fake.
Frames aren't made in the US anymorespookyload
Dec 18, 2003 7:31 PM
They moved all production to Asia where the Talon was made. I have a 200SCi and am praying nothing happens because I doubt they will support it anymore.
... increased competition and manufacturing from the Pacific rimAkirasho
Dec 18, 2003 7:34 PM
... agreed, that older Kestrels were "organic" in form... and it's one of the reasons I've always lusted for a KM-40... but I think marketing and manufacturing pressures have been made manifest in their latest offerings.

Indeed, one of the reasons I've never owned a KM-40 is they only come in three sizes... the largest of which is too small for me! The new Airfoil promises greater choices in sizing.

The Evoke does at least, live up to it's name... For older fans of Kestrel, it's a radical departure... but alas, that's what usually happens with older fans (for a while, both road and MTB frames were sporting odd 60's and 70's Detroit muscle car paint themes)... we get replaced by the new!

At least... for the moment, the older frames are still available (I'm guessing they'll squeeze every dime outta the molds before the abandon them completely)... while I believe that most, if not all of the newer frames are coming from Taiwan.

Be the bike.
One more manufacturer going compact. nmBruno S
Dec 18, 2003 7:57 PM