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An early Christmas for Miss M.(36 posts)

An early Christmas for Miss M.MB1
Dec 18, 2003 5:56 PM
Miss M has ridden her Fuji track bike into the ground. When we got it a couple of years ago she never expected to like riding fixed so much. After more than 11,000 miles it was time for a new ride.

Miss M styling and flying at the NSA/OCE Fixte Century.
Santas not so little helpers.MB1
Dec 18, 2003 5:59 PM
Aren't they supposed to be wearing red?
Well that is a nice start.MB1
Dec 18, 2003 6:03 PM
We opened the package with care. Alex put frame saver everywhere.
Details, details.MB1
Dec 18, 2003 6:06 PM
After the guys in the shop installed the headset I took it home for assembly.
Dec 18, 2003 6:09 PM
My what nice seat clusters you have Miss M. Haven't wiped all the frame saver off yet.
This is beautiful! Miss M must have been very, very good. nmdzrider
Dec 19, 2003 6:49 AM
More likely, MB1 has been very bad ...Humma Hah
Dec 19, 2003 8:24 PM
... and he's justifiably scared of Miss M.

Bad: I believe he has more bikes but rides slightly less. I believe he already GOT his Waterford fixie (the Street Dog), and its past time for Miss M to have one.

Nuttin' wrong with the Fuji, but it is, um, inexpensive, especially for a bike ridden that much by such a serious cyclist.
On dasher and dixon, on phil and thomson!MB1
Dec 18, 2003 6:13 PM
is that a freewheel? nmDougSloan
Dec 19, 2003 7:21 AM
It is a fixed/free flop hub.MB1
Dec 19, 2003 9:41 AM
Miss M works on Capital Hill and doesn't like to commute fixed. The few last miles of her commute are insane with inattentative peds, taxis, busses, tourists and security checkpoints everywhere.

Fixed is for weekends and big miles.
on henry and chrisMB1
Dec 18, 2003 6:17 PM
nothing quite as nice as a Henry James investment cast fork crown with a Chris King headset.
ooooooohh! ..colker1
Dec 19, 2003 6:28 AM
on ritchey and salsa.MB1
Dec 18, 2003 6:21 PM
I worked with Ross Shafer at Santana Cycles before he started Salsa Cycles. Even though he is out of the business now I still like his stuff.
Beautiful bike, great build; Enjoy nmKeeponTrekkin
Dec 18, 2003 7:09 PM
Beautiful bike, great build; Enjoy nmaliensporebomb
Dec 19, 2003 6:03 AM
Wow. That is BEAUTIFUL. I love the color and parts spec.

Miss M is very lucky this year.
Very cool cable routing.Dave Hickey
Dec 19, 2003 5:31 AM
How is that done? I really like the look of the cable exiting the bar tape.
I've been doing it that way forever.MB1
Dec 19, 2003 6:18 AM
Aero brake levers with the cable routed across the front of the bar. About an inch from where I want the cable to exit from the under the bartape I run some electricians tape over the housing to hold it in place.

I start wrapping the bars from the bottom up. When I get to where I want the housing to exit I just make sure that the bartape is stretched fairly tight then start going under the cable for the last inch or two.

You shouldn't have any problems duplicating it with a little practice.

Good luck.
Thanks. I'll going to try that. nmDave Hickey
Dec 19, 2003 7:10 AM
Questions for you...Fez
Dec 19, 2003 9:28 AM
Looks VERY nice. Beautiful paint color.

Other than good looks, is there a functional reason for having the brake cable exit like that?

I like how the finishing tape can be applied so cleanly, since it doesn't have to go around the cable. I think I will try it next time!

And... does Waterford give an option for sloping top tubes?
I just now called Richard Schwinn and asked him for you.MB1
Dec 19, 2003 9:36 AM
The short answer is yes. The long answer went on and on but basically they are comfortable with a 5 degree slope on their lugged frames, more on their lugless models.

If you check their website their "Adventure Cycle" has the 5 degree sloping top tube.

As far as the cable routing that is how I have always done it to get the smoothest bend on the brake cables.
Wow, that's service!!Fez
Dec 19, 2003 10:00 AM
Yes, I just noticed that. Previously, I checked out the road frames and they were classic geometries.

I recognize the famous Miss M periodically on my weekday afternoon rides, usually going the opposite direction.

I wonder if she knows how well known she is?
Very nice!KG 361
Dec 19, 2003 10:38 AM
Could you post a pic of the whole package? I need some new wallpaper =)
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Grief!MB1
Dec 18, 2003 6:27 PM
We took it out for a spin this morning. Miss M liked it well enough but she said it was too easy to pedal, "I need a harder gear."

At the last NSA/OCE century she was on about the cheapest, most worn out bike there and she rode away from everyone. I think we are in trouble boys!
What a Nice Bike! Have fun trying to keep up!...nmrwbadley
Dec 18, 2003 7:37 PM
A wonderful present! She'll put it to good use.Tig
Dec 18, 2003 8:02 PM
I'm glad Waterford still creates such fine machines. You built it up well. Maybe Santa will be so kind to the rest of us some year.
Merry Christmas to my heroes, MB1 and Miss M (nm)Dale Brigham
Dec 18, 2003 9:06 PM
tell her gearing was on purpose to slow her down nmDougSloan
Dec 19, 2003 7:16 AM
NOOOOO. Don't do it!Len J
Dec 19, 2003 5:14 PM

For the love of god, don't get her stronger!


What a beautiful bike. I thought she liked ugly colors?

Best wishes for a great holiday. If you guys are riding during the week, I may come in town & join you. Let me know.

VERY nice.Mel Erickson
Dec 18, 2003 8:42 PM
I like how the cables emerge from the tape on the bars. I'll be copying that soon. Merry Christmas to you and Miss M.
Just in time for Florida???biknben
Dec 19, 2003 5:10 AM
I remember reading that you two were planning to go to Florida for a FG tour. I assume this bike will be making the trip with you, right?

Very nice build. Phil and Chris make me drool. :^)
Didn't work out, we will be home for the holidays.MB1
Dec 19, 2003 6:03 AM
If the weather cooperates (no ice) we will likely get in 5-10 centuries between now and Jan 4 anyway.
MB1and Miss M.Our Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.....PEDDLEFOOT
Dec 19, 2003 6:11 AM
...Merry Christmas to both of you.You keep me going.A true inspiration to all of us here.
I Bumped Into MB1 and Miss M Yesterday....Gregory Taylor
Dec 19, 2003 6:43 AM
...and the new Waterford is even nicer in the flesh. The pictures don't do it justice. It's also a very petite bike -- those are 650c wheels. It's all quality stuff, and it just looks RIGHT.

Yes, be very afraid. Miss M is locked and loaded for 2004.
Very nice....Happy Motoring....[nm]bent_spoke
Dec 19, 2003 7:11 AM
beautiful, and nice work, MB...JS Haiku Shop
Dec 19, 2003 7:33 AM
we could all only wish to have a relationship like yours. cherish what you've got--that's the best holiday gift!

congrats to both of you.


ps. green = my favorite color. that's a good one. and the lugs...ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh...
Absolutely stunningB2
Dec 19, 2003 8:09 AM
What a beautiful bike and Christmas colors to boot!

I know I'm not the only jealous one here.