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Need Help Finalizing my new ride!!!(3 posts)

Need Help Finalizing my new ride!!!Schvonzie
Dec 17, 2003 9:49 PM
Okey, here is the deal.
Come Late January, i am going to get a new bike. I have deceided upon the Look KG386. Either that or the 486. So question #1. What do people thing of either model, good or bad?
Its going to have Shimano 10 speed, no doubt there, so no campy debate please.
After that i am up in the air with everything else. My other biggest decision is going to be the wheels. #2. SHould i go with the Zipp 404's or the Reynolds Deep Dish (not the ultralights)? What tires do you think i should run, of course they will be tubeular. These wheels will only be used for Road Race purposes only, and mabey a flat, open, all out 4 corner crit, but nothing with a big chance of crashing. I know, you can crash anywhere.

Seat post is either going to be the Look Ergopost or the Alien Carbon. I have the alien now and like it, had the ergo post with my last look and liked it too. Really easy to adjust. Okey, i'll go with the ergo post.

Seat, i am trying to deceide between the SLR with the cutout or the new Fizik Alante. What do people think?

Computer is going to be Mavic Wintec, i am getting rid of my powertap!

Bar and stem is the biggest OPEN debate i have going. I want a Carbon bar. I was looking at those new flat top bars that are all the rage, but the weigh almost twice as much as a regular carbon or aluminumn bar. What do people thing there? I was thinking about hooking it up with the Deda Spectrum? Any other suggestions.
I have had Deda magic stems on all my bikes in the past, but i am open to trying new things.

I am not a weight wennie, but would like to keep the bike as light as possible, but i would rather have a solid part that works and i don't have to worry about, than some lightweight piece that i am always scared will crack.

Um, other backround. I am 6'1 and weigh about 150. Not super strong, so i couldn't keep a pair of Mavic Cosmic Carbones rolling!!! Cat 2, so this bike shouldn't see a lot of crashes. Plese, let me know what you all think. If there is something i have overlooked, let me know, cause i want this bike to be near perfect? O yea, bottle cages? The frame will be the black to white fade, so i was thinking along the lines of carbon elite cages, or Tayo cages. Thanks again
re: Need Help Finalizing my new ride!!!hackmechanic
Dec 17, 2003 11:04 PM
First of all, ditch the Look. If you want carbon go for Kuota, Parlee, Calfee, Fondriest, Time, or Colnago. At least you can use a normal size seatpost with any of them (except maybe the Colnago, but shims are readily available) (and if you have to go Look, 486 is the only choice as you wouldn't be stuck with that dumb 25.0 post)

Zipp 303. It's not a time trial bike, get the lighter wheels. Zipp has a better track record than Reynolds for wheels. The only other option would be 28hole DuraAce hubs, Sapim spokes, and Ambrosio X-Carbos. Damn fine wheel. But if money is no object go for Hyperons, nicest wheel I've ever ridden.

Thomson is a responsible post and you could afford the MasterPiece which is comparitively light and has the Thomson reputation for strength. Why mess with something that sits that close to your "boys?"

Aliante is rock solid but SLR is lighter and generally really comfortable. Go SLR if only for the weight savings without giving up comfort.

Sigma BC1600 wireless computer. Mavic computer is an unknown but if it works then go for it.

Why a carbon bar? Not any lighter than their proven alloy counterparts. 3T Zepp XL is among the lightest combined with the affordable and stupid light Stella Azura Espresso stem you'd have a very light and reasonably affordable combination. Easton bars have an odd shape and a bad rep for failing, Deda bars are overpriced, ITM bars aren't any lighter than the Zepp. If coolness factor is what you're after go for a Cinelli Ram.

King ti bottle cages. Good for lots of use and still pretty light. Tayo cages are also rock solid.
I think you're lost...C-40
Dec 18, 2003 5:38 AM
The two frames that you're comparing have significantly different geometry. Better figure out which one will fit best. Better yet, take a look at the new Fondriest Domino carbon frame.

The Zipp wheels are a big waste of money.

The new one piece bars weigh more because they are a bar and stem combined. Compare the weight of a conventional bar and stem. It's not that much different. The disadvantage to these bars is the inability to rotate the bars. The drop section may not be set at the angle that suits you best and you can't change it.

It's silly to ask opinions about saddles. No two people are alike and what's comfortable for one person will not be comfortable to the next. You can only try them yourself and see.

Hopefully you can at least pick your own bottle cages.