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Slow day... so how about this...tuesday show n tell(10 posts)

Slow day... so how about this...tuesday show n tellfunknuggets
Dec 16, 2003 1:15 PM
It is clear that we are all passionate about our cycling and the gear. It is something we spend a great deal of time and effort doing. Oftentimes the experiences we have on the bike with our cycling brethren are some of the most memorable. Let me ask two things:

What is the most bizarre thing that you have seen/experienced while riding?

And what is the stupidest thing you have done while riding?

I will start,
most bizarre thing: Wednesday night ride at the Bicycle Shack brings out a large group of decent riders. A storm was kicking up to the north, but we decided to try and ride fast and attempt to beat it back. 5 miles into the ride we were still all bunched together, probably 20-25 riders riding relatively fast in a tight pack. The approaching storm had some nasty winds which was blowing from our left to right. Across a field to our left I saw a large piece of plywood, or aluminum or something tumbling towards us, and I watched as it sliced right through our group without touching anyone. No one braked or anything. It was amazing. No one but us few in the back half really knew it happened. Two or three just simply slowed down and turned around cause it freaked them out so much... but strange.

Stupidest thing I did... unpacked the bike off the plane back in the threaded days, for a race in Beckernville, KY and we only had an hour or so of daylight left so in typical pre-raceday goofyness we were horsing around and were getting ready to leave and I clipped in. We started and the hotel had some speed bumps, to which I thought I would bunny hop. Hmmm, forgot to tighen the stem properly, and proceeded to jerk the handlebars right out by the stem and the front wheel hit the bump, turned and flipped me into the pavement and we hadn't ridden 25 feet. I wasnt really hurt, but that really was a bonehead move. Of course the next day at the race, it rained and front guys kept braking up and once really abrupt, so I swung wide and was DQ'd on center line... great... just great.
totally stupidFTMD
Dec 16, 2003 2:17 PM
Stupid. Riding down the main street in a rural town one day and a car appeared on a side street. Rather than pull out in front of me quickly, they calmly stopped and waved me on through. I appreciated the gesture, and I wanted to wave back. Somehow, and I still don't know what happened, I totally wiped out about mid-wave right in front of this car. I caught my jacket sleeve on the hoods or something. Anyway, cracked my helmet and bent the hanger on my Cannondale. That's why today I typically do the head nod or raised finger type of acknowledgement to motorists.
Idiot award.......BIG RING
Dec 16, 2003 2:46 PM
Two of my friends and I were on a ride and stumbled upon a sprint length triathlon. Some of the course was marked by that yellow "do not cross" police tape. We needed to get across to the other side, so, when the coast was clear, I lifted the tape, let the other two guys go under and proceeded myself. As my right foot just clicked in, on my first pedal stoke, I stopped instantly and fell over in front of 100 people. The tape had slid down my back and hooked under my seat, stopping my forward progress, just as I clicked in going .02 MPH. There I was, on my side totally clipped in, friends laughing at me and a Tri fan yells, "and roadies think triathletes are geeks." Not my best moment.
Idiot award.......Tribike
Dec 16, 2003 3:40 PM
If this was in Newport Beach, CA - I was there. If not a friend of mine did the exact same thing. It was pretty funny :)
I do lots of stupid thingsblackhat
Dec 16, 2003 2:38 PM
far too numerous to detail. Bizarre is another story. several years back while commuting home at around 9:30 at night through a wilderness area I came upon a gathering of 5 or 6 people on one end of a foot bridge. As I drew nearer to them I could see they were all apparently seated on the ground in a circle facing one another. In the dark. with no lights, save for what appeared to be a candle or two. As I passed, I could see they were all young women, and they were dressed like...wait for it..witches. All in black, what appeared to be robes or tunics of some sort. No pointy hats if I recall though. I got past them pretty quick. No words were exchanged between us, nor did they sound as if they were speaking. This was not in the month of october. I've never seen them again.
switched hands on the R and L sides of barsPmbH
Dec 16, 2003 2:57 PM
Try it some time (no, don't try it)... Put your left hand on the right side and right hand on the left side. Made me crash real fast... What can I say, I was 16 at the time and it was at the end of a very boring, long, flat ride.
ok i'll playgrandemamou
Dec 16, 2003 4:44 PM
Riding along one day down a long country road and saw what looked like a mailbox on the left hand side of the road a ways down. As I got closer it moved. When I crossed it I realized it was an emu. I looked back as I passed it and it was behind me. I accelerated and it was gaining. I accelerated again and it was still gaining. I hit a side road at speed almost wiped out and it was gone. When I got home I told my wife "you will never believe what chased me today"

At Hotter than Hell one year I ran out of my own powder about 2/3 of the way through. I tried some of the energy drink at one of the rest stops and it was horrible. I decided to finish up with water alone. I ended up in the ER with an electrolyte imbalance. Not a pleasant experience!!!!!!
a lesson learnedDrone 5200
Dec 16, 2003 7:28 PM
As a "kid" of about 19 with not much riding experience my buddy and I used to get up to speed then slam on the rear break to see who could make the longest skid mark. (Admit it, you did this in your bmx days.) I was on a 1987 peugot 12 spd. Anyway, I had this great idea: "how cool would it be to skid the front tire?" "yea!" my buddy says, "why don't you try it!"

You can guess what happened. . . .
a lesson learnedwooden legs
Dec 16, 2003 10:45 PM
oh my that is the funniest thing i have heard in days.
LOL! classic! (nm)OffTheBack
Dec 17, 2003 4:33 AM