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Reynolds Wheels(2 posts)

Reynolds Wheelsperos
Dec 16, 2003 11:14 AM
OK it's X-mas and maybe I can con someone into buying me some seriously pricey toys, or allowing me to buy them? Has anyone ridden Reynold wheels?

They are in the same price point as Zipps. OK not inexpensive, but I've heard a fair amount of complaints about Zipps being fragile, braking surface problems, delaminating....etc and if Reynolds are stronger and lighter, maybe they're worth it. 1250g for deep V 46 mm tubbies is both areo and stupid light.

So anyone have some experience with these?
re: Reynolds WheelsCARBON110
Dec 16, 2003 12:30 PM
They are AWESOME ! I wont spend 18 bills on the clinchers though...thats just stupid and I buy expensive wheels all the time. I own zipp clinchers and tubulars and LOVE them. I rode the Bontrager carbons, SUPER nice except for that common wobble in the fron t wheel then I rode the Reynolds and they are super sweet! Getem if you want them but you might find them trite if you already own a pair of Depp V wheels. By the way Reynolds tubies have the BEST braking surface around. Better then CLINCHER wheel rims in the rain