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Would a Large Giant OCR be an acceptable fit for me?(4 posts)

Would a Large Giant OCR be an acceptable fit for me?HouseMoney
Dec 16, 2003 6:59 AM
I'm no shorter than 6', maybe a hair taller. Inseam measured at 88.2cm. Long arms, usually a 35±" dress shirt sleeve. I have the chance to get a Large '03 Giant OCR2 at a good price. Test rode it, and except for having the shop swap to narrower bars (42 instead of the stock 44), it felt fine for its intended purpose (see below). From previous posts, people my height have gone either way (M or L), though it seems most have gone with a M.

I've decided against buying a high-zoot bike at this time, so I'm looking for a less expensive option to use mainly on the indoor trainer & as a spare (to see occasional road time). Because of this, I don't really need a *perfect* fit. The saddle position, relative to the bb, can be set where I have it on my 58cm CAAD5, and the reach isn't bad either. Have I just answered my own question?
geometry comparison...C-40
Dec 16, 2003 7:37 AM
The C'dale ahs a 73.5 seat tube angle and 57.5 top tube length. The large size Giant has a 58.5cm Top tube length, but only a 73 degree STA. The efffective TT length of the Giant is 57.9cm, (only 4mm longer than the C'dale) after the saddle is moved to place the rider in the same position relative to the bottom bracket. You could probably use the same length of stem on both bikes, unless the C'dale is on the long side, in which case a 10mm shorter stem might be needed on the Giant.

You should also measure the height of handlebars from the floor to the top of the bars and see how it compares with the C'dale. This will tell you if there is a need for a different stem angle or a steering tube spacer adjustment to place the bars at the desired height.
Thanks, and I might add ...HouseMoney
Dec 16, 2003 8:02 AM
... the stock OCR2 comes with an adjustable stem (threaded steerer), but we'd swap that out for a standard quill, so matching h-bar heights should be easy. Looks like it's a done deal. Thanks!
Large should be finespookyload
Dec 16, 2003 10:11 AM
I am 5'9" and rode a medium with the medium Burrows seatpost. You should be fine on a large with a medium or possibly large post. I highly reccomend the burrows post with any giant frame. They are so compliant that they make a huge difference in frame comfort.