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spinergy rev X wheels??(17 posts)

spinergy rev X wheels??noavg55
Dec 15, 2003 5:51 PM
looking to pick up a pair with low miles with tires for 425$ ??fair price anyone with them with some input would be great thanks
Ebay for surespookyload
Dec 15, 2003 6:59 PM
You should be able to get a fairly new pair for that price.
re: spinergy rev X wheels??Money D
Dec 15, 2003 8:00 PM
mine came used on an Alum/Ultegra bike I bought on ebay 2.5 years ago. They have given me no problems whatsoever. I've been told by people who worked for Spinergy that some have problems, but if you get a good set, you can ride them forever. They are some of the best looking parts on any bike IMHO. Good luck.
They're OK wheelspmf1
Dec 16, 2003 6:25 AM
I have a set of them I've used quite a bit. They are very aero, but like most deep dish wheels, kind of heavy and will get your attention in a cross wind. They don't corner real great either. Aside from that, they're OK. They have a nice plush ride. I haven't used mine in some time since I got my Ksyriums and Speed Dream Aerolites. No real reason but laziness.

There is some evidence that they can fail catastrophically. Look around the web for a site about this. There's some gory crash pictures on it. I never had a problem with mine, but I did check them every so often. If they were so prone to crash, why does that site only have 3 examples and why aren't the stories more prevalent? My guess is that they're safe to use.

Since they aren't the latest cool thing, you should easily be able to find a set for $400.
About the Speed Dream Aerolites ...superdog
Dec 16, 2003 8:35 AM
Tell us more about the Speed Dreams. Do you like them, how do they ride, do they corner well, have you had to true them yet?

What about the build? Spokes? hubs? rims?

Just curious. I almost purchased a pair but ended up purchasing Colorado Cyclist wheels on sale (DA w/ Open pro) because they were dirt cheap.

Somebody once told me not to race on any wheelset I wasn't prepared to trash... so I got the cheapies instead if the Speed Dreams.
About the Speed Dream Aerolites ...pmf1
Dec 16, 2003 10:43 AM
I'd consider DA hubs and Open Pro rims built up by CC to be a pretty nice wheelset. Definitely not cheap. I have a set built with those components (and DB 14/15 spokes) that are nice wheels.

The Speed Dreams are nice, but I don't have a lot of experience riding them because my wife comandeered them from me about 3 months after I got them. They're very light (mine were 1430 grams) and seem well built. Frankly though, the thin Sapin spokes scared me a little. They're cranked on very tight. I've never had to true them and they do have a lot of miles on them. They corner well and feel good. They feel fast.

The guy who builds them spent a lot of time talking to me. He really lives and breathes bike wheels. I'd trust anything he builds.

For the price ($520 delivered), they were a good deal. Especially for my wife.
re: spinergy rev X wheels??J2
Dec 16, 2003 6:46 AM
you should easily be able to get a pair on ebay for that price or less.
as for the ride, they're nice when you get them up to speed as i can flex mine pretty good out of the saddle ramping up. but i'm a masher and tore both of mine up in less than two weeks. broke a beam support on the front climbing a hill (i old you they flex), then exploded a rear freewheel pawl a week later. got a spinergy parts package on ebay that had misc spinergy freewheels so mine are back up and running, so i'll see how round two goes on them.

by the way, if anyone is need of misc spinergy parts, let me know as i now have extra shimano and campy freewheels for spinergys that are brand new, as well as misc parts.
Dec 16, 2003 8:23 AM
I used to have a set (call me a wheelset freak), I raced them hard. I enjoyed them plenty and now one of my teammates has them and rides them all the time and loves them. As pointed out above, they're a good wheel. They are definitely heavy, not all that stiff and very aero.

If you're considering them, I think you want a 2000 or later pair because of hub improvements. Secondly, as with all my carbon wheels and all my wheels for that matter, I do regular full inspections. With the RevX's you want to pay special attention to joints, rivets, etc. My old RevXs are still riding dead true for my teammate. I've only had to tighten up some looseness in the hubs once over about 2.5 years.

Lastly, in regards to purchasing, I've never bought a used set of wheels, especially without seeing them. I don't recommend it but am not dead set opposed to it.

I got mine for $400 even, brand new. They're no longer in production far as I know. If you're hell bent on them, I'd search far and wide for one of the remaining brand new sets that are sitting in some obscure LBS somewhere. I might contact Spinergy and the distributor to get some hints on where some might be sitting.
re: spinergy rev X wheels??motts
Dec 16, 2003 10:14 AM
I've got a set that has been hanging up in my closet of for three years. Tonight I'll go over them with a fine tooth comb and make sure they're in excellent condition. I don't have tires on them but I would let them go for a fair price. $425 with tire seems like a lot to me. I think $325 with tire would be more in line. Just my two cents worth. I'll let you know something tomorrow.
Taking your life in your handsMy Dog Wally
Dec 16, 2003 11:53 AM
With all the great wheels out there, I'm not sure why you'd want a set that's heavy, flexy, and has a history of catastrophic failures. I regularly ride with a guy who has a set, and they started to crack at the rivet points. That's scary stuff. Considering this is the only body I have, I'm not inclined to wait until a crack happens to become visible to me. I'd get another wheel.
LA's Mardone broke does that mean they are junk?spookyload
Dec 16, 2003 12:57 PM
These wheels are safe. The situations where the wheels have broken haven't been spontaneous failures of carbon. There are usually mitigating circumstances. Prior crashes damaging the wheels and the owner not checking them or just taking the chance with them. There have been six major lawsuits over these wheels for failures, and they have all been dismissed. Spinergy was proven not to be at fault, nor were their wheels. As for reliability, the fact they were ridden with success in the tour and endless times in the cyclocross worlds is a good bit of evidence for me. Pro's and athelets competing in the world championships wouldn't take a chance on a dicey wheel. They train too much for that kind of risk. People seem to hop on a bandwagon on this site, and rev x wheels are a victim of that. I have crashed many spoked wheels and trashed them. When you crash you expect wheel damage. If these are destroyed in one pile be it. Fess up and retire the wheel. Just because it can't be trued doesn't mean you should still ride it if it only "slightly" out of true. The wheel won't give you small signs like spokes breaking every once and a while when it is failing. It breaks spokes. When you only have eight to begin with...take any damage to one seriously.
LA's Mardone broke does that mean they are junk?My Dog Wally
Dec 16, 2003 3:36 PM
No offense intended, but I think you're off base here. The incidence of catastrophic failure with Rev X's is higher than with just about any other wheel. And I'm not saying it's a dicey wheel -- I'm saying that by using Rev X's, you increase the odds that something bad will happen, however small those odds are. I just wouldn't take the chance. There are too many other wheels out there that deliver more performance, less weight, and greater reliability.
Taking your life in your handsdjg21
Dec 16, 2003 6:15 PM
This is crap!

Inspect the wheels (any wheels) regularly, and maintain them properly, and they are fine. Just go to any cyclocross race and count the number of Rev-X's being used. Sure there are accounts of failures. And yes, cabon fiber wheels can delaminate. That being said, you will notice visible cracks or delamination before a wheel fails. If you clean your bike/wheels regularly, you will be aware of any potential problems.

BTW, you should note that the website dedicated to "catastrophic" Rev-X failures is run by a "litigation support" company. IT always helps a plaintiff's attorney to generate a little mass hysteria! At the very least, it is great client development.
Dec 17, 2003 5:58 AM
I wonder how many other product failure sites these lawyers run. Scumbags.

Given the widespread popularity of these wheels several years ago (I used to see them all over the place), the fact that the website documents only a few (3-4) cases says to me that in general, these wheels are perfectly fine.

I've never even heard any friend of a friend of a friend stories about Rev-X wheels like I do with Trek bikes.
Are you still interested in a set?motts
Dec 17, 2003 9:55 AM
I posted yesterday and said I have a set hanging in my closet I'd be glad to sell. They're in good condition. They're a little dusty but are safe and dependable! Not the latest or lightest technology for sure but if you're still interested I'll let mine go for $300 (without tires) plus shipping (probably $30). You can e-mail me at Chris
Are you still interested in a set?djg21
Dec 17, 2003 7:17 PM
I'm looking for a set to replace mine. Mine developed a delamination after six years of use (both road and cyclocross). I am big however, and very tough on equipment. I'm looking for a set of the Superstiff or Team Rev-Xs, from 2000 or later. If your's fit the bill, I'm interested! If amyone else has a pair, I'm game. I could be happy with either Clinchers or Tubulars, so long as the wheels are in good shape and tyhe hubs are good!
Dec 17, 2003 7:19 PM
Contact me at extragear at earthlink dot net!