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Lances cracked stay(32 posts)

Lances cracked staycyclist of all trades
Dec 15, 2003 5:48 PM
here is a pic of Lances 5900 w/ the cracked stay after
his crash w/ Mayo in the tour.

Let me help you out...gspot
Dec 15, 2003 5:57 PM
Heres the pic:
Why did it break?jstonebarger
Dec 16, 2003 8:11 AM
OK, I won't say "I'll never buy a Trek," but I'm not sure why everyone was so impressed with this.

Why did this frame break in the first place? An uphill (slow motion) crash that left the rider all but unblemished, and the frame broke? Why?
Why did it break?wspokes
Dec 16, 2003 8:57 AM
I also sometimes wonder if consumers actually believe these are the exact same bikes they can buy off the showroom floor...
Ask the peopleMel Erickson
Dec 16, 2003 9:20 AM
Who buy them after the season is over. These get auctioned off or otherwise sold, usually for charity. There's got to be someone who posts here who bought one. I'm inclined to believe they're pretty much the same as we can buy. The TT bikes are another story. They are truly one off.
our Cdale repwspokes
Dec 16, 2003 11:47 AM
told us once that when they first started making the frames for Cipo and the others...they made 54 different sizes alone for Cipo...he would ask for an extra cm here on the top tube...a slightly different angle here...etc. Could you imagine having to contend with those guys??? Ouch. I believe some of the domestic teams in the states and the domestiques bikes are the same but some of these specialty riders like Lance? no way. They are probably almost all one of a kinds. I read years ago about a pro who hung onto the same frameset year after year because he liked the feel. It went through so many paint jobs that they said it was unbelievable it looked New after awhile...not sure if it was Gianni Bugno or Mig or who.
USPS Bikes are stock---GASP!!!!teoteoteo
Dec 16, 2003 6:37 PM
I can end this arguement with my own first hand knowledge. The frames are identical except for number plate hangar. I've handled bikes that were handed directly from the back of the team truck to my hands and been standing at the team car when LA rolled up and got off his race rig in France. I've measured his training bikes, race bikes, and TT rig. There is nothing special about them aside from the fact that they belong to Lance and are well cared for. Sure he gets the test stuff first but his bikes are same--end of story.
It wasn't really an argument...wspokes
Dec 16, 2003 6:55 PM
just opinions...but you might as well get together with Dave Hickey below and jump on my @ss as well...

happy holidays everyone...adios
It broke becaue...zero85ZEN
Dec 16, 2003 6:23 PM

This is an OLD topic...if you want a bike that won't break or bend when another rider lands on the chain stay buy an old Schwinn Varsity.
OOPs, typo..."It broke becauSe..." (nm)zero85ZEN
Dec 16, 2003 6:25 PM
Thank you. I'll never buy a Trek. nmBruno S
Dec 15, 2003 6:07 PM
You're loss!!! nmScollopini
Dec 15, 2003 6:16 PM
what if it was aluminum.......cyclist of all trades
Dec 15, 2003 6:27 PM
or some other crappy chinese carbon? Is it not a testament to OCLV? A 150lb dude fell on the stay and instead of breaking completely apart it stayed together enough for him to win the stage. Even if you don't like Trek, props must be given. Am I wrong?
Crappy Chinese carbon?Dave Hickey
Dec 15, 2003 6:46 PM
Do you have any basis to back up your claim? Trek makes great bikes but they are far from the only one. There are good carbon frames made in Italy, Asia, France, Africa, and the good ole US of A.
Crappy Chinese carbon?cyclist of all trades
Dec 15, 2003 6:58 PM
you're right. but there are also crappy frames made in all those places as well
So what's your point? nmDave Hickey
Dec 15, 2003 7:07 PM
I think his point is...wspokes
Dec 16, 2003 4:38 AM
In the first post here.

Is it not a testament to OCLV? A 150lb dude fell on the stay and instead of breaking completely apart it stayed together enough for him to win the stage. Even if you don't like Trek, props must be given.

He is basically saying, it still did a good enough job to finish the stage even though it broke! That is a point. I gotta say, I like a great deal of guys on this list but lately there has been some major SNIPPY attitudes over innocent statements.
Everyone needs to get back out and ride.
I think his point is...Dave Hickey
Dec 16, 2003 4:41 AM
My point is why did he slam other frames? If you read my post, I agreed Trek was a great frame but why slam other frames while making that statement?
I gotta admit it, your post has been bothing me.Dave Hickey
Dec 16, 2003 2:08 PM
I don't know what I did to piss you off. You claim I have a Snippy attitude from this guys post. I NEVER said anything to him about the Trek failing. I even said Trek was a great bike. Where I took exception to the poster was his claim of crappy chinese carbon or aluminum. He obviously has no basis for this. NOBODY know what would have happened if Lance was on an aluminum, Asian carbon, or even steel frame. He was riding a Trek and he finished the stage. The Trek held up and that's great.........

And by the way, the poster finished his post with "Am I wrong?". It's my opinion that yes he is. Not that the Trek held up but rather why slam other frames to make his point.................
Now I am a bit baffled...wspokes
Dec 16, 2003 6:49 PM
Here's what my statement said.
I like a great deal of guys on this list but lately there has been some major SNIPPY attitudes over innocent statements.
Everyone needs to get back out and ride.

It was supposed to have a bit of an element of humor like, let's all calm down and just relax. But now you are coming down at me for some reason.
no one pissed me off, actually, but yes Simply said...there has been some DAMN snippy comments on the list lately...over innocent statements. Some people react without reading the full forums. I defended the forum the other day against a Dic Spammer who posted spam and MY @ss got jumped on...amazing.

I didn't claim YOU got snippy...just read the statement again above. LATELY on the list...PEOPLE ARE OVER-REACTING. It's true.

Regarding opinions. Not a single person that expresses there opinion is ever really WRONG. because it is their opinion and they have reasons for it. sometimes facts are wrong, that's different. I could say a great deal more but there really isn't a point. I didn't mean anything by the statement but it's nice to know I pissed you off for some reason when my post wasn't even meant to nor really reflected that attitude...whatever...peace.
Damn winter! Short days... not enough time to ride!russw19
Dec 16, 2003 8:12 PM
And on the subject of winter and attitudes.....

Happy Holidays everyone! Be safe and think of those less fortunate than you during the cold season. Remember, everyone could use a break now and again. This is the time of year that needs to be best remembered.

All the best to my fellow RBRers!

You are loss?? try YOUR lossbigdeal
Dec 15, 2003 7:05 PM
Quite right - you're right!!!(nm)Scollopini
Dec 15, 2003 7:43 PM
And you'll never get up from a crash to win a stage either nmcollinsc
Dec 15, 2003 6:44 PM
I wouldn't buy one either...wspokes
Dec 15, 2003 7:04 PM
but my reasons are quite different. I am tired of BIG bike companies putting ridiculous pressure on LBS and dealers by making them take HUGE quantities of their goods...then the companies boast how many they sell, how they have a "stockless" warehouse because their products sell so well. Truth be told the LBS gets stuck with the product and then begs, borrows, and steals to sell the leftovers and they are the ones stuck with the bill. Trek, Specialized, and Cannondale are the biggest violators of this commerce gain. They no longer give your LBS a minimum bike requirement of 15-25...etc. Now they use big dollar amounts. My last year with Cannondale I felt like telling them to stick it. $50K min...yeah a less than 10K population town. Bike companies are horrible to deal with sometimes...just a rant, but all true.
Lance Armstrong...gala7516
Dec 15, 2003 7:57 PM
went on to win a Tour de France stage with that frame! Is there anything lighter that would have survived better?!?!
What kind of car do you drive? Bet that model has no historyK-Man
Dec 16, 2003 7:34 AM
of mechanical problems or a single one ever broke! In fact due to your statement, you would never purchase a vehicle (or other product) that every had a recall, mechanical problem, etc. How's walking?

Yes but lance has special carbon that regenerates!the bull
Dec 15, 2003 6:30 PM
This picture was taken 20 minutes after the picture you posted! Treks really are unbelievable!
Looks like one of the painted Litespeeds he uses. nmBruno S
Dec 15, 2003 9:24 PM
Looks like one of the painted Litespeeds he uses. nmPbOkole
Dec 16, 2003 6:41 AM
He hasn't used any painted Litespeeds for years. Look at the holes where the front derailleur hanger mounts. That is classic OCLV mounting.
Hooked you right in (nm)53T
Dec 16, 2003 4:56 PM
20 min? -- way to slow to be helpful on that stage (nm)Drone 5200
Dec 16, 2003 10:04 AM