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Another try at my front changer question(3 posts)

Another try at my front changer questionWiaruz
Dec 15, 2003 11:06 AM
No one responded before. Does anyone know if a frame with a front changer bracket can accommodate smaller chaninring combinations such as 48/34 rather than the traditional 53/39? Or should I only look frames where a clip-on front changer is used for such a combination? i.e is there enough adjustment room on the bracket? I am considering the Colnago Masterr X light.
Many thanks.
re: Another try at my front changer questionswvegg
Dec 15, 2003 11:13 AM
I have a friend who used a 45/39 on his Trek 5900 with a Braze-on deraileur. It worked very poorly and at some points he wouldn't be able to shift with out using his hands to manually put the chain on the chainring.
Dec 15, 2003 11:40 AM
The diameter of a 48T chainring should be about 7-7/8" which is 3/4" less than a 53T. The derailleur would have to me moved down 3/8". On my C-40 there is ony about 5/8" of total adjustment. I doubt that 3/8" of it is on the down side.

You can't assume that all front derailleurs are the same either. Different brands may sit differently in the hanger.

Perhaps you could get a 50/34 FSA compact crank to work.

Personally, I don't quite see the point, when cassettes like a 13-29 are readily available.

I would suggest a triple, but this has it's risk too. I found out when I mounted a Campy triple front derailleur on my C-40 that it would barely go high enough. Apparently triple derailleurs are mounted a lot higher than doubles. I barely have .5mm of clearance from the 53T ring, but the shifting is actually better than if the clearance was in the recommended 1-2mm range.