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New Cross Training: Indoor Waterpark(2 posts)

New Cross Training: Indoor WaterparkAsiago
Dec 15, 2003 9:51 AM
Oh my, new cross training for those of us in warm weather-deprived climes! :) Spent Saturday at an indoor waterpark. I don't know how many thousands upon thousands of stairs I climbed! All day, hours and hours of up the stairs and down the slides. From 9am until 10pm we only broke for meals and ~hour mid-afternoon. When they kicked us out at 10pm I was totally exhausted!

And got good a abs and shoulder-back workout on the body slides too! Gotta arch the back so only the shoulders and one heel touch the slide to gain maximum speed! It was HARD keeping the body off the slide in some of the turns! Some real G's there! :)

I was so, so tired on Sunday I had to blow-off my ride!

I can hear it now....Scot_Gore
Dec 15, 2003 10:12 AM
So, I'm at the Dells over the weekend. I'm hauling my tube to the top of Thunder Canyon for the 12th time, when all the sudden, some guy in full Postal wear and a silicon coated tube flies by like I'm standing still. Before I know it he's down the slide and disappearing into the fake rapids. I felt like such a poser.

: )