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to grease or not to grease ?(4 posts)

to grease or not to grease ?G-T-
Dec 15, 2003 7:48 AM
what is the general rule for greasing square bootom bracket spindle's and is there such thing as too much tourgue ?

1) No grease. 2) Yes, watch the torque...Spunout
Dec 15, 2003 8:07 AM
The bottom bracket square tapers are best cleaned and degreased. Then, clean and degrease with rubbing alcohol (both spindle and inside of cranks) before assembling.

Consult manufacturer's guidelines on torque.

Not having a torque wrench, I usually tighten them down, stand on the pedals (both ways) jumping on the bike. Then, tighten them down again.
Campy says no grease, but...C-40
Dec 15, 2003 8:10 AM
There is little agreement on this subject. Others legitimately argue that the crank and BB spindle are more prone to galling without some lubrication.

As for torque, of course you can apply too much. Campy recommends 24-28 ft-lbs. Apply too much and you'll either snap off the bolt or push the crank on too far and overstress the crank.

Campy also recommends against lubricating the crank fixing bolts. When new, the bolts have a thread-locking material applied to them. A drop of blue loctite would be a good idea if the bolts are not new.
re: to grease or not to grease ?Saddle_Sore
Dec 15, 2003 8:13 AM
I've only just put a Shimano 600 crankset on my no3 bike and I did not put any grease on the spindles, but I did clean 'em up with some citrus degreaser beforehand.

I too do not possess a torque wrench (being new to bike building I have not got the wallet to steam in and immediately buy every tool I am likely to need), so I just wound on the crank bolts as much as I dared, checked afterwards to see if there was any side-to-side play on the bottom bracket and then stood on the pedals a while. Having done this I decided that it was going to take something pretty major to convince the cranks to part company with the b/b spindles and so popped the crank bolt covers on :-)

I haven't seen anywhere that sells a good torque wrench yet at an affordable price in the UK. There are plenty of air-driven ones, but prescious few that rely on pure old elbow power :-(