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WILY IN PACIFICA-Riding in SF, Half Moon Bay, Burlingame.(10 posts)

WILY IN PACIFICA-Riding in SF, Half Moon Bay, Burlingame.xandre
Dec 14, 2003 10:33 PM
Hey man..sorry it took me so long to get back to you...I didnt check the post. I haven't really ridden too far down Skyline before..the furthest I've gone is Sneath Ave. What I really wanna learn is the route from here to Santa Cruz. I want to try riding down there one of these days. The Pacific Coast Highway or whatever it's called. I want to try and ride at least 80 miles in a trip. BUT....I'm a lil far away from that goal..right now my average length ride is about 26 miles and my max being 42 miles. I think I need more conditioning though, because I start cramping up in my calfs and my inner thighs after about 35 miles.

Also wondering if anyone would wanna get together and get a ride in one of these days. I don't know anyone who rides around here (other than Wily) . SF-Daly City-Half Moon Bay-Burlingame...etc and down the coast. I'm not sure how I'd compare to the riding abilities of other cyclists who have more experience than me, but I'm willing to get better and learn. Get back to me if anyone is interested.
re: WILLY IN PACIFICA-Riding in SF, Half Moon Bay, Burlingame.wily in pacifica
Dec 15, 2003 8:21 AM

I'm guessing you must live in either SF or Daly City. If you have only gotten as far south as Sneath you are in for a very plesant surprise once you get further south. If you need to drive down to Canada Rd and start from there, but for the best riding you will need to climb 3-6 mile tough climbs. But it is well worth it.

If you want to ride down to Santa Cruz the fastest and easiest is to ride right down the coast. I have done this many times and them get my wofe and kids to meet me down ther for lunch and a day in town. But you will want to get a ride back. The wind is usually in your face if you ride north on Hwy 1.

E-mail me at and we can meet up for a ride in the Woodside area one of these weekends. Anyone else up for a weekend ride?

Willy in Pacifica
Bay Area ridesThe Don
Dec 15, 2003 9:57 AM
I live in Marin & one of my riding buddies lives in SF, so maybe we all could hook up for a ride on the Peninsula or Marin. Sneath Lane? That's funny, I used to live where Sneath hits Skyline.

Anyway, we just did a great ride on Saturday in Marin from Fairfax, up & over Bolinas-Fairfax Rd to Alpine Dam, up to Ridgecrest, up Mt. Tam to Pantoll, down Panoramic to Mill Valley & back.

~35 miles, ~2800' climbing, very few cars, nice views.
Bay Area ridesxandre
Dec 15, 2003 11:13 AM
Sounds good email is'll send you guys an email and we can figure out when would be a good time for all of us.
Bay Area rideswily in pacifica
Dec 15, 2003 1:02 PM

That is another of my family rides. On a nice day I will head toward Marin then up Mt Tam to the lower parking lot, along that 7 sisters towards Alpine dam butthen head down to Hwy one to meet the girls at Stinson Beach to check out the Great Whites. Nothing beats one way riding and getting a ride home. That and having my girls all yell "Daddy" when they catch me riding in. Maybe it's because new we get to eat lunch.

Don, My e-mail is above. Perhaps we can see what the weather will be like for Sat or Sun and meet up at Canada and 92. Or at GG bridge for a Marin ride.

Do you have a limit as to the number of miles you can ride comfortably this time of year?

Willy in Pacifica
Mileage, climbing, rendezvous, etc.The Don
Dec 15, 2003 1:20 PM

Check your e-mail to see if you got my message. Anyway, if it's flat, I can do more miles. However, Marin isn't flat, so it seems like 35-45 miles, 3000' climbing is about my comfortable limit right now. 6 weeks ago, I might have been a little stronger, but that's the holidays for you.

For Marin rides, I usually just take off from my house, which is close to San Anselmo, and meet up at Gravy Wheels/Coffee Roastery in San Anselmo or the Java Hut in Fairfax. But, if you guys wanted to hook up at the GG Bridge, then that's great too. I wouldn't be averse to a Peninsula ride's all good.
Dec 15, 2003 8:09 PM
If you're on the 'slua I recommend riding in Woodside/Palo Alto. I'm fortunate in that it's 8.75 miles from my front door to Edgewood and Canada, which puts you within ~7 miles of the great roads like King's Mountain Road (which I rode up today), Old La Honda Road, 84, 92, Page Mill is a bit farther but still possible. There are awesome coast loops where you hit both sides of the hill.

If you do something like Edgewood/Canada, then up King's Mountain Road, over to Old La Honda, down OLH towards coast (it meets up with 84), 84 to 1, 1 to Tunitas Creek Rd., then back down King's or 84 and you've got it all. ~4,000' climbing, ~50 miles, fast descents (> 30mph), semi-steep but not too steep grades.

Also if you're willing to drive a bit, check out Mount Diablo. It's awesome. 10 mile road if I remember right, ~3200' I think. Extended >30mph sections while going downhill and turning a lot (10 miles down). GREAT views, really awesome.

Also of interest is Mount Hamilton in San Jose/Milpitas area. 18 mile road so 36 mile out and back with ~4400'. Also has very very long downhill sections but the road surface isn't as nice as Mount Diablo.
Good Ideasxandre
Dec 15, 2003 10:41 PM
Well, I'm in for any Marin or Peninsula rides, I'm missing someone's email addy, I have Wily's and I have Dino's, but I think I'm missing Louis' email.. All these ideas are getting me excited! LOL Dammit, now I'm going riding tomorrow! Good stuff! Meeting up at 92 and Canada road or at the GG Bridge parking lot either on the Marin side or the SF side isn't a problem either. I want to ride at both if possible, so just let me know! -Alex
Good IdeasLouis_G
Dec 19, 2003 4:35 PM
My email is I'm pretty busy right now so I normally ride during the work day like around 1:30pm and normally short stuff like just King's Mountain Road and back down 84.

I'm also not fast. I'm 6'5" 225 so I have a lot of meat to push up. If I'm really pushing it my King's Mtn. times are slow at ~33 minutes (which is ~6 minutes slower than people in really good cycling shape). So if I catch up to a moderately sized group on King's or Old La Honda (~20 people or so) I normally pick off the last few riders (~5), which makes me a back of the pack-er.

My knees are also not the best and tend to give out on really steep stuff (> 10% grades) which leaves me bringing up the rear for the rest of the ride (which is hopefully all downhill).

Tunitas creek rd. is a road I like a lot, especially because it flattens out at the top (4%?) for the last couple miles even though it has super steep parts.
Rides.wily in pacifica
Dec 16, 2003 11:56 AM

I ride down that way a few times per month. A couple years ago a few buddies and I used the hills to get ready for the Death Ride. None of us had ever attempted the Death Ride and we all finish all five passes.

Since I started commuting I have gotten much stronger on hills. There are a couple on my commute that I can work up. The last time up Kings MT I took a couple minutes off my best time and can now get up in just under 30 minutes. plus I am using a much bigger gear. I use a 39-25 but used to always drop into my 30 in front and spin up. Now i can put more power into it.

My usual route is starting in HMB then over Higgin/Perisma, up Lobitus Creek to Tunitus Creek, Up Tunitus, south to 84, west to the cost then back to HMB. It ends up being about 50 miles and about 4,000 feet. Sometimes I will start at my place in Pacifica and do the same route once I get over Devils Slide to HMB. Then it is more like 65 miles and 5,500 feet.

I consider Tunitus Creek to be the most beautiful hill on the coast. It is like you are in the tropics with all the ferns and moss. You would never believe you are in the Bay Area.

I have never been up Mt Hamilton or Mt Diablo but have been meaning to. Maybe one of these days.

Willy in Pacifica