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Frame Help?(6 posts)

Frame Help?lvteam
Dec 14, 2003 9:06 PM
Hello,i am in the process of building my '04 race bike?I have a few frames to chose from and i can get a good deal on any of them.So if any of you have any experience with any of them, pro's?con's?I am putting '04 record on the frame i get,it will be a compact frame also.Here is what i have in mind as of right now.
-Giant tcr carbon team
-Eddy Merckx team sc
-Litespeed siena
-Cervelo r2.5 dont know if any one has one of these yet?
Thanks any info would be great.I am just trying to build a good race bike that is light also
size them first...C-40
Dec 15, 2003 8:21 AM
The first thing to do is compare the sizing of these frames. Some may fit better than others. Caompact frames in particular, come in only a few sizes. You may not be able to get a great fit on any of them. Depends on how willing you are to use many steering tube spacers or a high rise stem.

There are also likely to be differences in the steering geometry. Frames that come with a fork have the geometry determined by the completely by the manufacturer. Frames that don't come with a fork allow you to choose the amount of rake, which affects the speed of the steering response. Most crit riders want quick steering, which means you want more rake (or steeper head tube angle) to reduce trail.

As for weight, the Litespeed would be the heaviest, but a fraction of a pound shouldn't be the deciding factor on which frame to get. For most folks, price would also be a consideration. For a frame that could get destroyed in a race crash, cheaper might be better. Fondriest has some great deals that you might want to consider.
size them first...lvteam
Dec 15, 2003 9:34 AM
hey thanks i will look into sizing them.I can also get a good deal on a fondriest but i dont know much about them do they make a good compact frame?
like my Fondriest...C-40
Dec 15, 2003 10:46 AM
I got the cheapest Fondriest MDC ($800) to play second fiddle to my C-40 and I'm very impressed with it.
The bike handles a lot quicker than my Colnago. I chose a size 51 (S) in the Fondriest. The wheel base and front center are a huge 2cm shorter than my 54cm Colnago. This would be much better crit geometry than a Colnago.

The good deals are on the 2003 Al and Al/carbon models.
like my Fondriest...lvteam
Dec 15, 2003 9:22 PM
Hey has any one rode a merckx sc or a giant tcr?If so how do they handle?stiff?how is the ride quility?
Fondriest Domino....sweeeeet!!!! nmgabaguy
Dec 15, 2003 9:21 PM