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The first cut is the deepest:(1 post)

The first cut is the deepest:Synchronicity
Dec 14, 2003 6:36 PM
I was out riding my old MTB yesterday:
Cars seemed to be in a real rush yesterday, so at the last minute, I decided to do them a favour & veer off the next left (equivalent to right for u americans) and go up along the footpath parallel with the road.

As I was used to twin hydraulic disc brakes on the motorbike earlier throughout the day, I didn't quite slow down enough in time, I was aiming my front wheel to the left of this largish piece of chipboard on the road, hit it with frt brakes on pretty hard, the front wheel just skidded it along the road for a few metres and lost it. Stacked it into the gutter.

Damage: front SPIN wheel buckled (can't be fixed); grazed knee & elbow. Index finger nail half ripped off. Plus there is a hunk of flesh belonging to my middle finger on the corner of cambridge & stoney creek rds here in sydney, and a correspondingly-sized hole where the back of my finger should be!
There was actually a fair bit of blood everwhere, my glove was absolutely soaked in it. I could feel it all sloshing about in there.

Still I managed to remember the phrase "pain is weakness leaving the body" and ride the 4km home. Actually didn't hurt that much really.

But with all the bandages on it gave me a good thing to say to the red-cross volunteer chicks I saw this morning: "Yeah I lost enough blood yesterday!" ARGHHHAHAHAHA!!

I'm not whinging as both my pre-broken wrists managed to survive the impact.

To give you an idea, when I try and clench my right fist -with the bandage on- it just looks like I'm giving everyone the finger!