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'02 Litespeed Vortex, LBS leftover, is this a good deal ?(5 posts)

'02 Litespeed Vortex, LBS leftover, is this a good deal ?HouseMoney
Dec 12, 2003 4:27 PM
LBS blow-out price is < $3900 w/ the build listed below. The geometry on this bike (if the '02 has the same as what's currently on the LS website) is almost identical to my 58cm Cannondale (CAAD5 w/ Centaur). I'm looking for a 2nd bike, 1 to use as an all-arounder (crits, rr's, tt's, club rides, etc.) and the other as a trainer/winter/spare. I was undecided about whether to get a cheaper bike (Tiagra level) & continue using the 'dale as my "A" bike (w/ wheels upgraded to Eurus), or get a nicer bike (Chorus or Record) and use the 'dale as the "other" bike. If this seems like a super good deal for the latter scenario, I may jump at it. If not, I'll continue to sit on the sidelines. I weigh ~165-170, love to climb, don't want a noodle for a bike. What say y'all?

Frame – 59cm Litespeed Vortex
Fork – Reynolds Ouzo Pro
Headset – Cane Creek Integrated
Group – Campy Record 10
Wheels – Mavic Ksyrium SSC
Tires – Continental Grand Prix Supersonic (700 x 23)
Stem – 3T Zepp
Handlebar – 3T Prima 199
Tape – Cinelli black cork
Saddle – San Marco Era
Seat Post – Thomson Elite
re: '02 Litespeed Vortex, LBS leftover, is this a good deal ?seyboro
Dec 12, 2003 4:40 PM
great frame + great components + good price = good buy. I say: go for it!! You'll never go wrong with a record -equipped Vortex.
P.S.: I do not care much for the tires, but they should give you 300 to 500 good miles...
I have a 2002 Vortex and it will not be 2nd to yourLazywriter
Dec 12, 2003 6:13 PM
Dale. It will quickly become your pride and joy. It is plenty stiff, especially at your weight. You will see that you give little in the stiffness category to you Dale, but will get a profound amount of comfort compared to the Dale. Factor in longevity of the frame and it is a no brainer.
I paid $4100 for my Dura Ace/Open Pro (built in shop) bike in 2002 though which was a crazy deal at the time. I am a loyal patron and paid cash hence the deal. This included Speedplay x2s as well. Your deal is just as sweet considering the upgrade in wheelset and additional cost of Record. Plus you are getting it at the LBS which will give you service and attention that you won't get from Colorado Cyclist or River City.
The Vortex is a very special frame. The time LS takes to make one and the care given is up there with any high end custom company. I am glad to have gotten the 2002 becasue the 2003 have the bladed down tube which aesthetically I am not fond of. I also got black decals which is nice. Go for it.
re: '02 Litespeed Vortex, LBS leftover, is this a good deal ?djg21
Dec 12, 2003 6:23 PM
If you spend some time looking before making the plunge, I'd think that you can probably find a 2003 closeout at the same price at which the 2002 has been offered. Bikefarmer, for instance, was selling its D/A equipped 2003 "demo" Vortexes, with almost no miles, for less than what you are about to pay. has 2001 Dura Ace equipped vortexes (and a Palmares) for around $3000, and its prices are ridiculously high. I just purchase a 2003 D/A Vortex for under $3000.

If you decide on the 2002, which is still a great bike, you should negotiate. Granted, the Kysrium SSCs are a bit more expensive then the OEM Ksyrium Elites, and Record is more expensive than DA, but I'd still offer a few hundred less than what the shop is asking. At this point in the year, and now that the 2004 models are shipping, the shop probably would love to lose a 2002 leftover if it can do so without losing money. From your description of the bike, I'd guess that the shop has around $3500-3600 into it

You can also be creative -- Agree to pay $3,900 if the shop agrees to give you a substantial discount on accessories. I'm sure you'll need a new set of pedals, a spare wheelset, shoes, a helmet, a cyclometer, a heartrate monitor, tires, tubes,clothing, etc. Unlike bikes, which generally have small margins, accessories are typically keystoned (retail price are 2x shop's cost). If the shop agrees to sell you accessories at, say, cost plus 15%, it is still making money and covering it's overhead ,and it is shedding inventory at a time in the year when business is slow. Such an arrangement can definitely be a win-win!

BTW, once you buy a vortex, you will have no need for your Cannondale. ;->
re: '02 Litespeed Vortex, LBS leftover, is this a good deal ?djg21
Dec 12, 2003 8:10 PM

This was just posted on rec.bicycles.marketplace:


All bikes listed below are full D/A 9 speed, Velomax Circuit wheels(unless
noted), ITM Mellenium bar and stem(unless noted), Thompson post, Aspide
saddle, 12-25 .

2002 Litespeed Vortex 59cm, Retail $5500.00 now $2999.00

2002 Litespeed Ghisallo, xlg, Retail $6000.00 now $2999.00

2002 Litespeed Ultimate 59cm, Retail $5100.00 now $2999.00

. . .

Hank ><>
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