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Moots Compact SL...used. deal or not? bike responses please!(10 posts)

Moots Compact SL...used. deal or not? bike responses please!customsteel
Dec 11, 2003 2:26 PM
Hey Folks...thanks for all the marriage advice from earlier post. I guess I could just buy and ride away. Thats not such a bad idea especially with this ride. The dates not until June so I've plenty of time to bolt if I need to but how 'bout some responses about the pending Moots decision...

New Moots 61.5 compact SL with ouzo pro king full DA 9 minus wheelset for $3000. I've seen better deals but this is THE bling bling ride and you never know when something like this will ever roll thru again. Oh, and I've also got a huge case of Newbikitis...
re: Moots Compact SL...used. deal or not? bike responses please!LactateIntolerant
Dec 11, 2003 3:08 PM
If it fits, is in new condition (including components) and you can live with a compact, I'd say jump on it. Throw some $500 SpeedDreams on it and for $3500 you've got a $6k bike. For a Moots, that's a great deal.
re: Moots Compact SL...used. deal or not? bike responses please!FTMD
Dec 11, 2003 3:08 PM
I own a YBB and lust after a Vamoots. I know what it's like to be facing a deal that needs quick action. What I usually do is take a few deeps breaths and tell myself over and over that other deals with come along. And they always do. This works especially well if I'm unsure of a few things, like you are.

Since you aren't convinced, and are looking for us to convince you, I'd let it go.
re: Moots Compact SL...used. deal or not? bike responses please!gtx
Dec 11, 2003 3:33 PM
How much extra would it cost to just get the regular Vamoots compact with new DA 10 speed? That's probably what I'd do. You don't mention what how much you weigh but I don't like the idea of SL ti, especially in the larger sizes (also, chances are he's gonna have a heck of a time selling a frame that large). And personally, I'd never plunk down that much money on something used.
re: Moots Compact SL...used. deal or not? bike responses please!PT
Dec 11, 2003 3:36 PM
Why buy an "off the shelf bike" when you can get a custom frame -- even in Ti -- for less? For instance, a Black Sheep frame for $1500, and I suspect you could roll out the door from them on a full DA bike for about the same $. I know of what I speak, owning a Moots and living through my neighbors build of a Black Sheep. I would skip the Moots and buy something made for you (and at the same price as the "as new" Moots).
The skinny on Mootskushogun
Dec 11, 2003 4:10 PM
I work @ a LBS and we stock 4 different Ti companies. Moots, Serotta, Litespeed, and Seven. All and all Moots represents a superb bicycle as you all know. In fact my boss just got his dream bike, a custom RigorMootis 29'er Singlespeed! Mamma Cita indeed. As to the question at hand... I would go the route of an earlier post. For about $4100 you can get a custom Vamoots (3/2.5) with Dura Ace 10 speed build kit (this includes stem, bars, saddle, seat post, fork, all the drivetrain, open pros/dura ace hubs, and tires. All in all a sweet deal. When you're spending that much money why get a bike not built just for you? I mean if you spent $3500 on an Armani purple tag suit you wouldn't just grab it off the rack and be satisfied with the fit. For that much dough you should expect more. As far as the difference between the Vamoots (3/2.5) an the Vamoots SL (6/4) there are pros and cons to both. Of course the 6/4 will be a bit lighter (maybe a quarter pound in real weight versus claimed and a little less deflection at the bottom bracket). However, Reynolds is the only company turning out the 6/4 ti DRAWN tubeset (Moots uses this tubeset), and honestly they still haven't perfected their process. 6/4 is a tougher material to work with and it tears up the tools. In response to that, tool makers are making super hard tool surfaces resulting in a fair amount of scoring and scrating on the ti surface. You won't be able to notice much of this scoring on the outside of the tube because Moots does a great job smooting the surface down, but if you were able to look inside you'd see a different story. This scoring ultimately leads to increased fatigue properties with the 6/4 tubes. I'm not going to knock what Moots is doing because they make phenomenal bikes, but I wouldn't get too hung up with the 6/4 vs. 3/2.5 argument. Speaking in general terms, you can acheive or exceed the same drivetrain stiffness as well as vertical compliance with the 3/2.5 ti. It's all in the manipulation of tube diameter (e.g. increase chain stay tube diameter to increase drivetrain stiffness or narrow the seat stay tube diameter to increase vertical compliance), placement of the butt, and the length of the butt (longer the butt the stiffer the tube). I would wait and get a custom tubeset. This will create an optimal balance between sustainable power output and decreased oxygen consumption. Hopefully this help answer some questions for you. Good luck with your decision and keep the rubber side down.
The skinny on Mootsdivve
Dec 11, 2003 10:59 PM
A tube set that will create an optimal balance between sustainable power output and decreased oxygen consumption. I'll take two please:)
It's called a Titanium Snorkel n/mfracisco
Dec 12, 2003 1:45 PM
re: Moots Compact SL...used. deal or not? bike responses please!djg
Dec 12, 2003 8:16 AM
Seems like a lot for a used bike without wheels--even a primo used bike with low miles. If it's a killer fit, I'd consider making the guy a lower offer. I doubt the world is banging down his door looking for a used 61.5 cm bike at 3 grand in December. If it's just an ok fit I'd walk away, and quickly. Plenty of good deals on Ti frames this time of year (even new customs from Strong).
Thanks for all the skinny--newbikitis curecustomsteel
Dec 12, 2003 10:31 AM
I think I will wait it out and see what comes along next though it actually is a very close fit. Its also a shop owners ride and has literally few miles and the pics I've seem are immaculate but alas...does anybody have a cure for newbikitis besides lovin' on your woman