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My Wife Is A Bike Commuter's Guardian Angel...(4 posts)

My Wife Is A Bike Commuter's Guardian Angel...Gregory Taylor
Dec 11, 2003 11:39 AM
Hooo boy, my morning riding buddies -- the aptly named Rolling Thunder -- certainly owe my wife big time. Yessir, BIG TIME. And it's also living proof that timing is everything...

Let me set the scene: the Washington DC area received a fairly healthy amount of rainfall last night. This rainfall came on top of runoff from the melting snowfall from last week's storm. The net result: local flooding along the Potomac river.

The elite elements of Rolling Thunder do our morning commute from Virginia into Washington DC along a bike trail that follows the Potomac River. The trail parallels the George Washington Parkway, a four lane highway with mucho traffic density, high speeds (50 mph, when traffic isn't at a dead stop due to gridlock), no shoulder, and some of the most surly and distracted drivers in the Washington area. These folks would run over their grandmother if it meant shaving five minutes from their commute. Getting to work by bike is truly the more pleasant option.

Well, much to our chagrin, this morning's commute didn't go as planned. The localized flooding along the river managed to block about a quarter mile of the trail just south of Alexandria. It was frickin' deep, so just rolling through was not an option. However, since the motto of Rolling Thunder is "Get The HELL Out Of My Way", or something like that, we decided to push on. Some of us took to the grass verge along the side of the road. This option was attractive because you could stay out of traffic, in exchange for the prospect of getting stuck in swampy ground and having to negotiate branches and small trees that were knocked down in the storm. Others, with inferior bike handling skills and an aversion to swimming, took their chances in traffic, sprinting along the Parkway.

Enter my wife. She drives this section of the GW Parkway every morning about this time. Today was no exception, and she happened upon Rolling Thunder at the exact time that our merry band of idiots were making their choice to either play in traffic or risk sinking out of sight in the muck. Thinking quickly, she slowed, turned on the emergency flashers, and slid in behind behind the rogue elements of Rolling Thunder who were riding on the Parkway. She created a much-appreciated clear space in traffic for my buddies until they could turn off and rejoin the path.


Me? I was on the 'cross bike, having fun in the mud. Pavement can be soooo overrated. And, believe me, I was very thankful that my wife didn't catch ME riding my bike on the GW Parkway in morning traffic...
so that's why 14st bridge was empty this morningcyclopathic
Dec 11, 2003 11:46 AM
I was wondering why I didn't see anyone..
I am glad Oxon Cove trail was (mostly ;) above water!
That was very well written, and.....ignazio
Dec 11, 2003 12:31 PM
I think flowers are in order!!
wow, beauty and smart too!.....nmrwbadley
Dec 11, 2003 1:10 PM