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Almost there - new bike finished(2 posts)

Almost there - new bike finishedturbo6bar
Dec 10, 2003 3:27 PM
I posted here a few weeks ago asking about building my own bike vs. buying it. Well, I was ready to order a build kit and frameset, when I decided to email Clive de Sousa @ "Any suggestions, Clive?" "Jürgen, I can build you a spectacular bike!"

Well, I was short on time, and I just didn't want to delay further. I had an accident against a car, and my old Trek was dead. I did not have a spare bike, and I really needed something ASAP (wreck was almost 2 months ago!!!).

The following ride is the result of nearly 3 weeks of discussion and labor. Some specs:
Interloc Scandium frameset
IRD Mosaic full carbon fork
Campagnolo Veloce 2004 drivetrain, 10 spd
Campagnolo Zonda wheelset (decided to forego the AC 350s for durability reasons & I will buy a wheelset built on Chorus hubs)
FSA Pro Team crankset and Ti bottom bracket
Fi'zik Pave saddle

I went with Clive for several reasons.
1) Ability to go with Campagnolo vs. the Shimano found on most bikes. Looks like Bianchi is the only make with Campagnolo.
2) Ability to customize and upgrade parts at cost.
3) Willingness to listen to my questions and make suggestions.

I am so excited. I'll receive the bike next week, and then I'll start a love affair once again. :) I never thought I'd be riding such a nice bike, but that's what happens when you dream. :) White isn't my favorite color, but it's classic and never goes out of style.

I'll be building up the same frame, except in blackThe Human G-Nome
Dec 10, 2003 4:04 PM
I can get a deal on the frame. It will be mostly Chorus with an IRD wheelset as well, plus IRD headset, stem, chain and cassette. Might even go with the new IRD Typhoon crankset that is due out this month. She's going to be a beauty. Personally, I would have passed on the Zondas for the Road Racer Custom wheel set that Glory puts out for 80 bucks less. They're also 160 grams lighter and will last just as long.