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Finally put the new cranks on, tell me what you think?(19 posts)

Finally put the new cranks on, tell me what you think?bikefreax
Dec 10, 2003 7:07 AM
you really want to know?DougSloan
Dec 10, 2003 7:14 AM
I think that -- if you care what people think -- you gotta get different colored tires. The yellow tires and red/blue crank highlights don't coordinate. I'd try a different handlebar tape, too.

Then there's always the "just ride" mentality...

I know I need different tires.bikefreax
Dec 10, 2003 7:30 AM
I have spent a lot of money lately and need to get my mile out of these before I buy new tires. They are only 3 months old. And I like the black and white bar tape.
probably great cranks but they are FUGLY! (nm)ColnagoFE
Dec 10, 2003 9:52 AM
What do you expect for $195.00bikefreax
Dec 10, 2003 10:03 AM
Cranks are sweetCritLover
Dec 10, 2003 7:23 AM
but Doug's right, the tires and tape blow the deal. Also, you may consider black chainrings to really make the red stand out. I would love to get those CSC cranks, matches my ride perfectly. Nice bike!
Cranks are sweetlyleseven
Dec 10, 2003 7:32 AM
Get red or black tires when you do replace them.
Cranks are sweetbikefreax
Dec 10, 2003 7:34 AM
Will probably replace with the black and gray pro race. I do like that tire.
Cranks are sweetbikefreax
Dec 10, 2003 7:32 AM
Got a great deal on the cranks. Brand new $195 shipped off this sites classifieds.
I will get ne tires but I like the tape. I am currently looking for a black chainring also.
Michelin 'ironman'WrigleyRoadie
Dec 10, 2003 7:41 AM
You need the Ironman version of the Michelin pro race. It's just a pro race with red stripes. Sexy!

I say go stealth black with the tape.

That is a SWEET bike, however... I wish you happy miles with your new cranks.
Cranks and frame look great...What about the rest???biknben
Dec 10, 2003 7:39 AM
I too have a black/red scheme on one of my bikes. I think it looks great but you need to go all the way.

Please tell me you just have those tires on for the winter or until they wear out. Please!?! The tires and tape have got to go. You can go with red or black for the tires and bars. Just be carefull, it's difficult to find colors that match. If you go with too many different shades of red you make it look worse. Less = More!

While we're at it. Peel those stickers off the wheels.

Just my $.02
Cranks and frame look great...What about the rest???bikefreax
Dec 10, 2003 7:45 AM
Yes I am just keeping the tires until they wear out.
OK everyone hates the tires so what about?bikefreax
Dec 10, 2003 7:47 AM
I know the tires are not right for this bike. I am waiting for these to wear out. I think I still want the pro race but should I go with the CSC version or just the black and grey? Any suggestions would be great.
You realize only your opinion should matter, right?biknben
Dec 10, 2003 8:13 AM
My advice is to KISS this bike, as in Keep It Simple Stupid. The word Stupid is not meant to insult. It's just the way the phrase goes.

The frame is black with a very subtle red accent. I would go with that theme for the rest of the bike. Don't add too much red. Just make it an accent color. Try to keep the red as close in color as possible. If the shades don't match it's not worth it.

Short story: My friend got a new frame in the spring. It was polished Al with green and yellow decals. I built the bike for him. He insisted on using red everywhere. There was a tiny bit of red in the Made in the USA sticker and he used that as his justification. I built the bike to his request. Red tires, red bar tape, red cable housing, red seat. My wife was the first person to see it complete. Within seconds, she said it looked like the condiment counter at McDonalds. Green = pickels, Yellow = Mustard, Red = Ketchup, Silver = silverware

We've been rippin on him and his bike ever since.

If you care this much about what others think than keep it simple. The more colored stuff you have, the less likely it will match. Someone is bound to notice.
Pretty good advice here...Fez
Dec 10, 2003 11:23 AM
Regarding the tires - I think the black Pro Races would look just fine. You have red accenting elsewhere. No need to go overboard.

Lots of folks disliked the colored tires on your bike because they don't match. Let me add something else - they look real dirty.

I like a little color here and there, but try to stay away from light colored tires, saddles and bar tape that will show dirt easy.
How do you like the Argon 18?RoyGBiv
Dec 10, 2003 9:14 AM
Is that a carbon model? A buddy is thinking about getting one.
I love it so farbikefreax
Dec 10, 2003 9:51 AM
Not many miles yet but cant wait. Yes it is the Platinum full carbon. It is a size large and weighs in at 17lbs.
Totally Disco (or 2 Wheel Rice Burner?)The Don
Dec 10, 2003 9:17 AM
Hope you're a strong rider...I'm not strong enough to be that flashy...
i likes the crankswooden legs
Dec 10, 2003 7:37 PM
they're very contrast-ey. and as long as people are talking about tires, anyone know anywhere to buy white tires? i've only seen a few pairs in my life, but i love the way they look, clean or after 2000 miles.