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cannondale r600 upgrade?(2 posts)

cannondale r600 upgrade?pomole
Dec 8, 2003 6:52 PM
hello, friends

i have the oportunity to purchase a used 2001 cannondale r600 for a fair price. its in great condition and has a double crankset. i am not actively in the market for a bike, but have been considering upgrading in the next year and perhaps this is my opportunity.

my question is: is this is aconsiderable upgrade to my trek 1000? i was recently considering upgrading my trek to full shimano 105 but at almost 2x the price, would this make my trek equal in quality/performance to the cannondale? i was also drawn to the cannondale cause it seems to fit better (smaller frame) than the trek while having a partial 105 group.

any thoughts on the bikes themselves? im a bit of a newbie just making my way to 'enthusiast' status.

thanks in advance...

re: cannondale r600 upgrade?Rusty Coggs
Dec 9, 2003 7:06 AM
I would not waste my money upgrading a trek 1000. The Cdale was once top of the line frame and and is worthy or about anything you might put on it. IF it fits better,it would seem to be a no brainer if condition and price are right.