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Seal for tubes?(2 posts)

Seal for tubes?Marcus75
Dec 7, 2003 11:14 PM
Hey Guys,

I'm new to road cycling. I just bought a Scattante CFR few weeks ago and already gotten two flats? I heard about these sealants that you put inside the tubes, do these really works? Which brand do you recommend? What is the best way to prevent flats?

re: Seal for tubes?Woof the dog
Dec 8, 2003 4:43 AM
Dear Marcus:

how did the flats happen? 'Regular' punctures or mystery flats?

Let me offer you a piece of advice, because right now i am delirious and have been up all night for the reasons that cannot be revealed to people on this board, and no, as you can see there is no winking smiley face here.

you don't need a sealant or any of that bullshit. You need:

a) good rim tape = Velox. Get it now! Sometimes flats are caused because that plastic crap they call rim strips/tape moves aside exposing the eyelet holes and causing a puncture.

b) good tires - not paper-thin 190 gram crap, but something in 230-280 gram range. Even for racing, it is a good thing to have that extra 30 grams of rubber when you are leading up the climb with a good chance of winning. Many have lost their deserved 1st, or even top 10, place because of stupid-light tires and other silly equipment. Some may disagree, but I don't give a sh!t. I recommend vredestein fortezza tires. They are very nice and I have not had problems with them whatsoever.


don't ride through glass. D'uh!

sometimes flats are bad luck, so deal with it, bring a tube and a patch kit on the ride. Don't bother with glueless patches.

Contrary to what some may believe, patching makes tubes perfectly fine to re-use. You can patch a tube 10 times, it is still perfectly fine. Just don't use glueless crap and patch perfectly.

sometimes a piece of sharp stone/glass/staple is still stuck in the tire, every time you change a flat, check tires from the inside for sharp edges that will eat through the tubes. You can use your finger to slide around the tire and you should feel anything sticking out. Also look from the outside for the obvious stuff that caused the flat in the first place.

If there is a rip in the sidewall allowing a tiny etch from the inside of the tire, this will also eat through your tube because a tube slides around the tire a bit while riding. Happened to me while riding rollers. So, anything that is not smooth on the inside can be a potential flat, either within 20 meters or in 70 miles.

If there is a cut in the tire that caused a flat, you need to 'boot' it while out riding, otherwise, you're walking because you ran out of extra tubes. You can use anything nonstretchable such as a dollar bill or a cliff bar wrapper to carefully place inside the tire to cover the cut and prevent the tube from blowing out again.

Another thing: Inflate tires to recommended pressure, usually 100 to 120 psi depending on the width (i.e. diameter) of the tire or whoever makes it. Don't under or overinflate. With too low pressure, on every bump you will be riding your rims and snake-biting your tubes.

Overinflating tires you increase blowouts when hitting something like a rock (or so i hear, though never happened to me). Also overinflating tires you are risking sliding on yo ass in the corner.

Well, now that I think I covered 99 percent of bases on this issue, I may resort to the last thing... and this is just signing my name, of course.


Woof, the kindest and most helpful dog of the early morning.

P.S. use quality tubes, not some cheap crap. But not superlight ones either.