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Performance data geeks rejoice (review of Endless Pursuit)(1 post)

Performance data geeks rejoice (review of Endless Pursuit)js5280
Dec 7, 2003 11:38 AM
Thought I'd pass this along as people might be looking for cycling holiday presents. I am in no way affiliated with the company, but I do like their product and thought others might be interested.

I saw the Endless Pursuit technology at this year's for the Ride for the Roses Expo and decide to purchase it. Basically they take GPS data and calculate all sorts of performance data (e.g. time, distance, mapping, elevation, calories, power) from that data. It can also be synched with heart rate info too. I've been thinking about getting a Polar 710 but felt like a GPS system would be more versatile, and it had been. You can buy a package for $299 that includes a Geko 201 GPS, lifetime access to their website, bike and arm mount, and data cable. It's $129 for the website access if you have a GPS w/ download capability already.

Anyways, its been pretty cool to have this sort of data available for a variety of activities including cycling, snowboarding, running, and ton more. I'm planning to make next season's cycling and tri training a little more analytic and track my performance using this product. Plus I'm sick of replacing wire harnesses a handful of times a year.

Anyone else using this product? Comments? I'd be interested to hear other's opinions about the product or cool things they are doing with it.

I've included links of some treks in case people are interested in the data and charting capabilities. It does cumulative data comparisons as well, but not sure how to link that yet. Check out their web page ( ) for a complete listing of capabilities.

Cycling: Ride for the Rose info:

Snowboarding data:


Sorry I haven't been able to post much lately. Have a bunch of picture from the World's but haven't gotten around to posting them. Work's been keeping me incredibly busy. Happy and safe holidays to everyone!