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Bike fit help(1 post)

Bike fit helpmbr320
Dec 6, 2003 10:17 AM
Like many who post here for advice, I'm an avid mtb'r rediscovering road biking.Dusted off my ANCIENT centurion for training purposes and have been really enjoying the road, but it's time for a technology infusion.
Have pretty much narrowed my search to the Giant TCR1 carbon and C'dale R2000.
I did the fitkit thing and the LBS guy recommended a 9.5cm stem on the med TCR(55.5TT)
I haven't yet been able to ride the TCR, but felt pretty comfy(perhaps VERY slightly stretched) on the R2000 which had a 54.5cm TT and a 11cm stem .Drop felt perfect and was about 3 inches give or take.
My question is... Does the req'd 9.5cm stem on the TCR seem a bit short to you guys? I know I would never consider a MTB frame that would require a stem much less than 110, and would consider the 110-120mm length ideal on a mtb.
I obviously have limited expertise on road bikes and would appreciate objective advice from someone not trying to sell me something.
BTW, I am 5' 9'', pretty normally proportioned (I think)