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Velo Classic Tours..Are they any good??(2 posts)

Velo Classic Tours..Are they any good??Merlinmagic
Dec 5, 2003 4:31 PM
I am wanting to do a Tour de France Bike tour...Velo classic any good...anyone gone on their tours. Good and bad points.

re: Ask them some questionsteoteoteo
Dec 5, 2003 7:52 PM
Merlin...Just to be upfront I am a professional guide for another company but I am honest and help lots of friends/people find a good fit with lots of different companies.

I'd ask them how long they have been in business--it doesn't say on their website.

Last year several 1st year companies appeared because of absolutley outragous demand. It doesn't mean they are all bad companies but you don't want a company that may still be learning the ropes on your $3200.

Also think about how many days you want to see the Tour. It says you're staying at the same hotel for the whole trip--its a beautiful area (I have been there several times) but if you're in the same hotel for 7 days the tour will only be close on stages 17 & 18. Stage 16 could be in range but it will be a long day trying to get to Alpe d Huez and back with the huge crowds. This may not matter to you.

Talk to them and other companies, when you find the right travel company you'll know it. There has to be a good comfort level and trust your instinct. Also try and make sure their clients are similar in age and riding style. If you like to stop and take photo's you won't have fun with a Cat 2 hammerhead types.

Included services are good but not if you won't use them. If a company packs and builds your bike that's great but not everybody needs or WANTS that. About meals, most hotels include breakfasts but don't always assume all dinners included is good--you're on vacation and if you see a place you want to try you should be able to. Hard to justify if your dinner is already paid for elsewhere. Look for a balance--you want some help picking good places but maybe not every night.

Good luck and you'll enjoy yourself--the biggest key is finding a group that you can live with and trust.