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Help with FSA Crank(4 posts)

Help with FSA Crankstillridn
Dec 5, 2003 10:00 AM
I bought a nice FSA carbon team crank on E-bay with BB for a great price. The seller negelcted to tell me it was for a 10 speed set up.It was a private seller so there is no returning it. Can I make this work on my 04 Specialized with Ultegra 9 speed. He said it worked fine on his 9 speed DA set up. Also what is the difference between ISIS and Octalink. Thanks for the help
Octalink has 8 splines, ISIS has 10PmbH
Dec 5, 2003 11:33 AM
So you'll need to match the BB to the crankset. FSA makes both ISIS and Octalink, so count the splines to see which BB you need.

The 10 speed rings will work fine with your 9 speed setup.
duh, you said "with BB"....PmbH
Dec 5, 2003 11:35 AM
so you already have the correct one.

Now all you need to do is make sure the chainline is good with the new setup.
no problem...C-40
Dec 5, 2003 11:38 AM
There is very little difference in the chainring spacing between Shimano 9 and Campy 10, although I've never been able to find exact chainring spacing numbers for either brand. All Campy says is that they moved the big ring .4mm closer to the little ring when they introduced 10 speed. Shimano moved the little ring closer to the big ring when 9 speed was introduced, but I've never read how much they moved it. I've meaasured both as accurately as possible with a machinist's scale and can't tell any difference. If there is a difference, it must be less than .25mm.

I just got an FSA Energy triple crank with 9 speed spacing and ISIS BB. It works fine with 10 speed.

ISIS is a 10 spline international standard spindle that can be used by any manufacturer witout paying royalties. The octalink is Shimano's patented 8 spline design. Obviously they are not interchangeable.