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Long term tyre storage(3 posts)

Long term tyre storagealchemy
Dec 5, 2003 4:57 AM
If you stock up on tyres such as Conti GP 3000's or Pro Races, is it better to take them out of the boxes if you might not use them for a while - say 6 months or more. Anyone have any recommendations on the best way to store tyres long-term.
re: Long term tyre storagehudsonite
Dec 5, 2003 9:18 AM
There are a couple of suggestions that the experts give.

1) keep the tires/tyres out of the sun. Sunlight will damage the tires over time.
2) Store them in an airtight container.
3) Store them away from the heat. Some people put them in the Freezer!(I don't think my wife would go for that)

What I do is remove them from the box, and place them in a dark plastic bag, suck out the air and tie it shut. Them I place the bag in my basement is which is fairly dry and not hot. It works for me.
One more suggestion...Cory
Dec 5, 2003 9:36 AM
Don't store them in a closed space where there's an electric motor (fan, fridge, freezer, whatever). The ozone supposedly accelerates the deterioration.
FWIW, I burn myself regularly buying tires too far in advance. Some of the bike shops around here switch to XC ski stuff in the winter, and they clear out their bike inventory in late fall at really low prices. If I stock up on tires more than about a year ahead, they tend to dry out and crack. But I just hang 'em in the shop; I haven't taken any trouble to protect them.