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homemade rollers?(6 posts)

homemade rollers?komatiite
Dec 4, 2003 3:22 PM
I have recently acquired some decent industrial grade rollers and would like to know if anyone has ventured into making a set for themselves? They dont seem that complicated, especially if one is adept at handling power tools. the most important thing would be to make sure measurements for roller placement are correct, no? anyone have any experience in this or better yet, have plans for building a set? I cant afford to pay $300 for a set of Kreitlers and would just assume make a set in my free time, now that old man winter has set in here in Ohio.
sorry for double post [nm ]komatiite
Dec 4, 2003 3:26 PM
The trick is getting things roundKerry Irons
Dec 4, 2003 4:51 PM
Finding bearings is no problem, it's relatively easy to build a square and true frame to hold things, you can get a belt from Kreitler and others, and PVC pipe works reasonably well for rollers. The real trick is fabricating the end caps with the bearings placed DEAD CENTER so that the rollers are not oscillating as they spin. I don't know what tolerances are required, but this is one of the key differences in roller quality, and the challenge of building your own.
simple in theorydesmo
Dec 4, 2003 5:34 PM
but hard to build ones that you would actually want to ride. The more I thought about building my own, the better deal Krietlers become. As Kerry posted, everything's got to be dead nuts center to operate smoothly. If you are a good machinist and have the right equipment I'd say go for it, but the simple fact that you're asking the board tells me it may be beyond your ability. Then again if you have the parts and think it will be a fun winter project, press on and report back. I've always wanted to make a set out some exotic hardwood. But I doubt I'll ever have a winter long enough to actually do it. Good luck.
simple in theorympm32
Dec 5, 2003 6:35 AM
Quite easy to get the bearings centered. Start with oversized endcaps. Press fit the bearings into the approximate center. Put on a mandrel and onto the lathe. Turn the endcaps down to required size. Easy if you have the tools (lathe)
Dec 5, 2003 1:07 PM
well, actually the ones i am looking at are at a machine shop. they already have end caps and bearings mounted dead center in them ( i assume, my dad works at an industrial glass making factory, so one would think that pins would be to exact specs. maybe not).

Thanks for the input. I didnt realize that (centered bearings) was what separated the Kreitlers from cheaper brands. Makes perfect sense though. If i find any more about this, I'll post it up here...