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UPS/US Postal Insurance - Anyone successful w/ claim?(8 posts)

UPS/US Postal Insurance - Anyone successful w/ claim?Fez
Dec 4, 2003 11:32 AM
Was looking at some posts about UPS/Postal/Fedex shipping damage to bikes and other large size or large $$ value items.

Most people have reported that the damage claim is denied after a very long process and the reason cited is often improper packing by the shipper.

I have never had a problem when I buy something new from a reputable retailer, since they usually package things well and will usually make good on any damaged items.

But I do wonder about shipping damage on private sales/purchases (Ebay) or just whenever I have to ship something out at my own expense.

Still, most of us usually buy insurance as peace of mind when we send something. UPS would have to own up to something that was missing (although I'm sure they would challenge you on what exactly was in there). But it seems they almost always deny damage claims, unless their truck ran over the box and still had the tire tread marks on the box.

Anybody w/ experience please chime in.
re: UPS/US Postal Insurance - Anyone successful w/ claim?wspokes
Dec 4, 2003 11:54 AM
insurance or no insurance...a claim is still a wrestling match with UPS. I hate UPS. I had a box delivered that was double boxed with a bike hanging out. The inspector declared it poor handling...then I got a phone call it was denied due to poor shipping. it wasn't til I went back to the original inspector and asked him what was up because I saw him write down poor handling and that the packaging was fine. Well, he put a call in and I got the money.

Another thing to consider is, when the item arrives to you damaged...the money goes to the shipper...not the receiver or the person with the damaged item. So, hope you have a trustworthy or knowledgable shipper who will help. Sometimes I know the shipper is happy to get the item OUT of his hands...once gone he couldn't care less what the results are and they can be hesitant in doing the actual work to help you out....this has never happened to me but I have heard of it.
Small correctionDave Hickey
Dec 4, 2003 12:01 PM
The money goes the the paying party. If the shipment was sent prepaid, the shipper will receive the money. If it was send FCCOD, the consignee will receive the money. This is the legal way it's supposed to happen. It doesn't always happen that way.
Absolutely true...Fez
Dec 4, 2003 12:06 PM
Yes, I see that the example you describe would be you as a buyer and the claim proceeds going to the seller, who is also the shipper.

I often ship things at my own expense.

For example, 1) mailing an item in for factory repair 2) returning something for refund at a mail order retailer.

If I don't get insurance, I at least get a tracking number if its US Postal.
From a carriers point of view...Dave Hickey
Dec 4, 2003 11:56 AM
The problem with used goods is the carrier has no idea if the goods were originally shipped damaged. If you receive a shipment and it has no obvious outward sign of damage, how do you know the carrier is at fault? If the box is intact yet the seller just throws the bike in without proper packaging,again, why should the carrier be at fault?

If there are fork holes or tire tracks on the box, yes the carrier is a fault and chances are, you'll get a claim paid. That doesn't mean the claim won't be denied the first time around. You might not like to here this but claims departments look for reasons to deny claims. Was the claim filed with in the time limit? Did you sign for the box as damaged? Did you request insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, the carriers pay for claims out of their own pocket. Their insurance companies do not pay for the claim. Most carriers are self insured up to a very high dollar amount.
re: UPS/US Postal Insurance - Anyone successful w/ claim?Juanmoretime
Dec 4, 2003 12:02 PM
I had UPS damage a wheel box and loose part of the axle on a Spinergy wheel I sold someone. I had sent it in a wheel box and had re-enforced the area where the alxes where with additional packing. UPS denied the claim. I went into one of their service center and agured with them telling even wheel manaufactures shipped wheels in these boxes and it was the appropriate box and packing for the wheel. As further evidence, fortunately the box was a Mivic wheel box, and was marked Mavic wheel on the outside. UPS wasn't happy about it but the did issue a check for the full insured value. I did have to send them a catalog page showing the full retail cost. When this happenned, Excel Sport still sold the Spinergy model that was damaged and a page from their catalog was good enough for them.

Be persisent.
pack stuff right and don't back down.desmo
Dec 4, 2003 5:51 PM
I have a mailorder business for rare records. For which I use only USPS. I pack so a truck can run over them and they will not break but I have stuff Lost once in awhile. I have never had a problem with USPS paying up, but agian this was only for lost items not damaged ones. I also use UPS a lot for shipping stereo equipment and similar items and have had bad results. Again I pack the living crap out of anything I sell but they have still managed to destroy some nice vintage guitar amps etc. I've always been paid but never without a huge fight. I will say that their "handling" (kicking, throwing, dropping) of items has seemed to improve over the last year. It was so bad during the initial heydey of ebay and their labor problems a few years ago that something had to change. Nothing I've shipped out this year has been harmed and no incoming stuff has been brutalized either. But again their claims people are sharks so make sure you're in the right with properly packed goods.
The opening scene of Ace Ventura is how its done.Fez
Dec 4, 2003 6:02 PM
Remember Jim Carrey delivering that package? He kicked the thing the whole way from his truck to the guy's front door.

That's pretty much how UPS does it.