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A bike to grow into...(3 posts)

A bike to grow into...RD-Man
Dec 3, 2003 10:21 PM
My short list consists of Bianchi Virata, Bianchi Giro (with upgraded components), Lemond Zurich, and Trek 2300, all '04 models. Of the list, I have tried out the Giro and Zurich. Others aren't in yet. Of the two, the Zurich was a little more comfortable (felt like the handlebars were maybe a little higher and closer?), but the Bianchi felt like it had more zip. I'm new to road bikes, so I don't think that I can really pick up on all the subtleties yet. I have read that over time, riders tend to stretch out a bit. This feels more like the Bianchi. Also, I have noticed in other posts comparing bikes, that the Trek line-up (Trek, LeMond, etc.) are almost never picked by the crowd. One of my LBS owners, who used to race for Trek, says that the Treks are good bikes, but not designed as well to race, at least in the $2000 price range. I have no immediate plans to race, but someday.... That same owner says that there are many things that we can do to make the Bianchi fit me perfectly. So, do I go with the more immediate comfort level and risk "outgrowing" the LeMond, or trust the LBS owner? I realize I haven't even ridden half my short list, but my understanding is that the Virata geometry is pretty similar to Giro. So, lay it on me!
what frame size???C-40
Dec 4, 2003 11:02 AM
Can't compare geoemtry without knowing the frame sizes being considered. Trek's tend to have longer top tubes than most other brands, but it depends on the size being compared. Lemonds have realatively short head tubes, which can cause a problem getting the handlebars up to height.

I'd be glad to provide an exact comparison, but I have to know the size.

If I was buying a $2000 dollar bike, I'd see if Fondriest had any Madonna di Campiglio models left in my size ($800 frame and fork) and equipe it with Campy Chorus 10 speed. Killer bike for the money.
what frame size???RD-Man
Dec 5, 2003 7:52 AM
I have tried out a LeMond 59 and a Bianchi 59 and 61. I am 6'3" with about a 33' inseem. So far, the LeMond was most comfortable riding in the aero position, but it might have been the day, too. The Bianchi 61 wasn't bad, but the 59 felt too small. Interesting that you say the LeMonds have trouble getting handlebars up to height, because the Bianchi's felt lower to me. Could be my imagination (?) or just the way they were set up, so I definitely plan on going back out on the LeMond again and the Virata and Trek 2300 when they come in next week (hopefully!) Thanks for you help.