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Durability of Ksyrium SL/Everyday use(16 posts)

Durability of Ksyrium SL/Everyday usesigepf94
Dec 2, 2003 11:39 AM
I contemplating selling the Ksyrium SL I just got on my new bike. I weigh about 200lbs and I'm mainly going to ride for Commuting/Fitness/Race. Do you think these wheels are up to the task or should I go for something else. My old set of wheels were Cosmos CD and I didn't have any problems with them. What do you guys think?
I've been bunny hopping ....Live Steam
Dec 2, 2003 12:05 PM
potholes for two years on my SSC SLs and they are true as the day I bought them. I ride hard and fast on pretty rough roads. Our Saturday circuit is sort of like a mini Paris-Roubaix at +55 miles. I weigh between 175 and 185 depending upon my mood :O) I don't believe you will have a problem with them. Have you checked the rider weight recommendations for them? I am sure you're at the upper end of the spectrum, but you should still be fine. I really love them. Light and fast.
amazing fact...funknuggets
Dec 2, 2003 12:13 PM
A guy downstairs that is a Cat4 Racer and a decent XC guy has a set of Ksyrium SCs ON HIS CROSS BIKE and has ridden them for TWO SEASONS!!!! He is a little guy, but goes to show their durability. He told me that the other day and it freaking amazed me, and Im not kidding you in the least.

Seen them on several cross bikes.KG 361
Dec 2, 2003 1:46 PM
I have a pr of the older version, pre-shaving. They've been trued 2x in 4 yrs.(and that was due to a couple of loose spokes from the factory-been true since). I weigh 185-190.'Nuff said?
Weight limit of SL'shudsonite
Dec 2, 2003 1:08 PM
Mavic is not recommending the SL's for people that weight more than 185#. No problem with the Elites.

Lots of guys use the SL' that weight over 200# without problems. But there have been some reports of stress cracks on the rim for heavier riders. If you keep them, keep and I on the rims for hairline stress cracks.
The K's I have are absolutely bullet proofpmf1
Dec 2, 2003 1:08 PM
I've got two sets on different bikes (one was my wife's, but she took my Speed Dreams and left me with her K's). These are the older model before the shaved rim. I've ridden them all over the place -- bike tours, commuting, centuries ... they never gave me any trouble. I had to slightly tighten the spoke on one of them once in the last 3 years.

They're a little over priced, but good wheels.
sell embigrider
Dec 2, 2003 1:31 PM
Buy some cxp33s with 36 3x spokes and strong nipples. Take the extra money and buy a jersey, vest, bibs, helmet, gloves and a few other items. A few grams on the wheels aren't going to factor in the commute or the fitness riding, and only will make a minimal difference in the racing.
keep 'em and ride to poop out of 'em...merckx56
Dec 2, 2003 4:05 PM
I guess in all of those photos from Tours gone by, all of those guys on K's would have just as well off riding cxp33s with ultegra hubs! Let's look at some hard numbers:
all weights are for cxp33s/36 2.0/1.8 dt spokes/36 brass nipples.
d/a hubs:1984 grams for the set
for some detail:
cxp33 weight:470gr nominal
d/a hubs:177f/375r
36-2.0/1.8 dt stainless spokes:210gr
36-dt 2.0 nipples:36gr (remember to double these, as you have two wheels! spokes and nipples)
all weights are nominal weights and straight off the qbp website!!
ksyrium sl's are quoted @ 1500grams nominal!
the closest you can get is with 250 grams of the k's with a built wheel! that's over a half a pound!
I know that someone will inevitably bring up skewer weights, but it isn't a agrument that holds water as no skewers are so heavy that they will make up a 250 to 500 grams deficit!!!
If you don't believe me, do the research and the math yourselves. Don't shoot the messenger!
K's are great wheels, have possibly the best bearings and are indeed bulletproof. There have been some that have been troublesome, but that's to be expected with ANYTHING that is mass produced!
No rim tape makes them even lighter!Dutchy
Dec 2, 2003 4:22 PM
Dec 3, 2003 2:12 AM
Most if not all of those hub weights you quote are way off. In addition some of those weights obviously include skewers and some don't. Real weight of K wheels will be close to 1500g...maybe in 2006.5 as they seem to be shaving off an average of 30g every year.

If you build up a set consisting of 28-H OP/Record/CX Ray/Polyax alloy (mine are 1563g) include whatever rim tape and you're very close to the weight of '04 K-SL wheels (1578g).

Ksyrium wheels are nice wheels in my opinion, Choosing them just because you think they're super-lightweight is rather silly however.
Did you even read the post?merckx56
Dec 3, 2003 6:10 AM
In my post, I clearly stated that all weights given were published on the QBP website. I didn't pull them out of thin air. The weight for the K's is from the Mavic site.
And you are comparing apples to oranges. The discussion and point of my post was whether or not you could build a set of wheels lighter than K's. That's a simple task that requires very little effort. The comparison was between the 36h cxp33 setups and K's. I have a set of OPs/Hugi/revo spoked wheels that come in under 1500 grams. Can't ride 'em everyday...they just aren't as durable as the K's, and aren't nearlt as stiff! The point was durability and weight comparison of the wheels actually in the post. And I stated that I did not mention skewers, but I'll make the point again that two skewers will not make up a 250-500 gr deficit! Nor will two rolls of velox, but then again, K's don't need Velox.
silly comparison...C-40
Dec 3, 2003 6:49 AM
Comparing whhels built with a deeper, heavier rim and many more spokes is comparing apples to oranges. Then you failed to properly include or omit the skewer weight in each comparison.

A set of 28H Open-pros with Revolution spokes everywhere but the right drive side would be a fair comparsion. With Campy Record hubs, they would weigh 1545 grams without skewers.

According to most who have weighed K's they weigh considerably more than 1500 grams without skewers. I've owned two sets of K's and like them a lot, but they are no miracle. The rims must weigh as much or more as open-pros and the hubs are definitely heavier than Campy record hubs. The only place that any weight can be saved is in the spokes. The total weight of 56 Revolution spokes is only 280 grams, so your alleged 250-500 grams deficit is purely in your imagination. In reality, K's weigh about the same as a sturdily built pair of Open-pro wheels with top quality hubs.
I still say SELL EMbigrider
Dec 3, 2003 6:52 AM
I agree with you that Ks are lighter and a decent lasting wheelset. Your comparison may be lightly skewed, I mean you could build the CXPs with a lighter hubset if you wanted but this is why I say SELLEM

First, I don't ride with too many people that weigh 200lbs or more (including myself) that have a body fat percentage below 10%. I think that for the vast majority of large riders that want to go faster the very first place they should look is their bodies. I mean a third of a pound of fat equates to around 1350 calories. I refuse to spend large amounts of money on lightweight components that will not last as long and/or are more expensive without first dropping weight in the first most obvious place, my body. With that said, I am assuming the intial poster is not super fit and serious racer, if he was, he should keep the Ks.

It's like a middle aged overweight man buying an expensive speedo to swim with at the public beach because he wants to swim faster and reduce his drag coefficient.
Yes I read it.....divve
Dec 3, 2003 8:26 AM
....and stated that the info you founded your argument on was erroneous, therefore your conclusion can't be anything but incorrect. If I had based my OP set on listed weight or what you call nominal weights, they'd be even lighter.

A well built 3x 28H OP/Record/CX Ray wheel set is stiffer than K-SSL and (likely) as durable. I ride them every day with no truing required.
re: Durability of Ksyrium SL/Everyday uselyleseven
Dec 2, 2003 2:29 PM
I weigh 215 and used them everyday including the hills and had absolutely no problems or adjustments with them.
re: Durability of Ksyrium SL/Everyday userogue_CT1
Dec 2, 2003 6:52 PM
I'm 215 lbs and I've used them for a year and 5,000+ miles with absolutely no problems. I even used them in a race called "Hillsboro Roubaix" that had terrible roads and bricks. They even survived a 45 MPH decent on a rough brick street where I had to bunny hop a hole.

These wheels are awesome. If you do sell them let us know how much you want. I'd love to have another set.