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Steve Bauer Tour de France Pyrenees trip(4 posts)

Steve Bauer Tour de France Pyrenees tripkevinacohn
Dec 1, 2003 9:09 PM

Has anyone ever been on a Steve Bauer tour? If so, what's it like? Also, has anyone ever ridden in the Pyrenees in general? What kind of gearing/setup did you use?

I'm going this July, and would appreciate any advice/comments/etc.


re: Steve Bauer Tour de France Pyrenees triptoronto-rider
Dec 2, 2003 7:38 AM
I have not been on a Steve Bauer tour but rode with them quite a few times when I did the TDF with Sporting tours (Graham Baxter) in 2003. When I was dying up the hills, thirsty and hungry I would pass the Steve B support van, they had a full buffet for their riders, me being on a much cheaper tour had nothing. They have great support, use small vans to transport bikes and you around the tour. Some of the bigger tour groups use these huge tour buses to get around, with the small roads in France and 100K of people on the tour route. it's asking for disaster. IF I had the money, I would definitely use Steve B tours. I think most of their customers are repeat ones.

About gearing, I used 12-27. If you use Campy you could go 29. You don't need a tripple. Just train using low rpm, it will be hard to push above 75rpm on the long climbs.
Have a great trip.
re: Steve Bauer Tour de France Pyrenees tripMariowannabe
Dec 2, 2003 10:39 AM
I spent several days in the Pyrenees last summer, including the etape. This mtn range is pretty steep, so a 39/27 or better yet a 39/29 would be the ticket. Or, check out the FSA Compact ala Tyler. Having a 34/27 on tap would be great for the Pyrenees.

BTW, the riding there is nothing short of fabulous.
The Pyrenees are Amazing...Gregory Taylor
Dec 2, 2003 1:47 PM
I visited the Tour last year and rode in the Etape, which took in two of the tougher climbs in the Pyrenees.

I suffered brutally with a 39/25 gearing. A 39/29 isn't unreasonable, and a triple with a big gear out back isn't out of the question. If you stick with a double chainring set up and a 29 out back, you will still need a mid- or long-cage set up.

That said, the scenery is beautiful. I'm jealous....