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Riding position question(3 posts)

Riding position questionBloated Dog
Dec 1, 2003 8:38 PM
When I'm in the drops my thighs hit my abs. What's the easiest way to correct and be comfortable. I'm physically fit, but fairly new to this activity. Thanks. BD
To correct and be comfortable...purplepaul
Dec 1, 2003 9:53 PM
raise the handlebars.

Now, when my legs hit my abs I know I'm as aerodynamic as I can be. I can't hold it for very long, but I've got an extended steering tube so that most of my riding is in a comfortable but not extremely aero position.

I am assuming that your saddle is at the correct height.
for me the answer is to lose weight.dzrider
Dec 2, 2003 7:59 AM
When my gut hits the top tube, I really got a problem.

You could raise your bars, try a shorter stem, move your seat up and forward, or rotate your handle bars. A lot of this stuff is trial and error and if you're comfy where you are I wouldn't change anything. My first experiment, cause it's free and easy, is rotating the bars a little bit so you'll have a shorter reach to the drops and a longer reach to the hoods.