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Newbie asks: Is there such a thing as shoes for clips?(7 posts)

Newbie asks: Is there such a thing as shoes for clips?paluc52
Dec 1, 2003 6:16 PM
I'm a bit intimidated still by clipless pedals and have had no foot, ankle or knee problems wearing old running shoes with clips on my LeMond road bike. I ride up to 40 miles at a time, but might try 50 in the spring. Is there anything to be gained from specialty shoes if you use pedal clips? Are there shoes designed for clips? Thanks to all, ahead of time.
Yes, but might be difficult to find.purplepaul
Dec 1, 2003 6:42 PM
They look like regular road shoes but have a cleat with a ridge to hook onto the edge of the pedal. I used them years ago and I think they are way more dangerous than clipless pedals. If you tighten the toe straps enough to keep your foot from moving around, you won't be able to get your foot out in an emergency.

In 15 years of using clipless pedals, I fell over once due to not being able to get my foot out quickly enough. Hasn't happened in the past 10 years, so I wouldn't worry about going clipless.

Either way, getting a shoe with a solid sole should make riding much more comfortable.
I've got a pair of old Detto Pietros I'll sell youMel Erickson
Dec 1, 2003 7:52 PM
They look just like these, only older and in poorer shape.
Ebay....Tom C
Dec 2, 2003 7:41 AM
Go to cycling and punch in Vintage. If you just look under shoes in the cycling category you'll find more modern shoes than anything else. I got a pair of Vittoria all leather shoes NIB for something like 11 bucks.
Mountain bike shoes can sub pretty wellCory
Dec 2, 2003 8:50 AM
I still have clips on a couple of bikes, for commuting and knocking around, and occasionally I use them for longer rides. A couple of years ago I bought two pairs of waffle-sole MB shoes from Nashbar (I wear size 50, so when I see them on sale, I stock up). If you leave the cleats off, you can tighten the toe straps and the pedals will lock into the waffles just like touring shoes used to.
FWIW, though, you'd probably have more float with good clipless pedals than you will locked into tight clips, if you're worried about knee probs.
re: Newbie asks: Is there such a thing as shoes for clips?Fredrico
Dec 2, 2003 9:42 AM
I'm still using toe clips and straps with cleated shoes. the shoes with the straps over the tops work. You just have to loosen the pedal strap enough to accomodate the bulk. Most stiff soled racing shoes used to come with slotted cleats.

Toe clips and straps work fine. You just have to remember to loosen the strap right before you stop.
Here's some selections:coonass
Dec 2, 2003 5:52 PM then go to: Road Shoes and Touring Shoes, but limited sizes in most.
Your main advantage of a true biking shoe would be in the stiffness of the sole....more energy efficient. If you're intimidated with SPD cleats, you're not alone...I have demonstrated the 'Stop 'n Flop' method of dismounts far too often; I now ride Speedplay pedal system and have ZERO complaints. Another good system to consider would be the LOOK system; some riders don't have troubles with their SPD systems, you just have to get lucky to find ones that allow you to dis-mount when you want to, and not when you DON'T want to...You will like the stiffness of any biking shoe, but you will truly enjoy clipless more (and no numbing of the toes)