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more colnago sizing questions (paging c-40) kinda long.(7 posts)

more colnago sizing questions (paging c-40) kinda long.zippi
Dec 1, 2003 5:47 PM
currently on a 55 vortex w/110 stem, 18cm top tube to top of saddle. i'd prefer a 74 or 73.5 st angle to center the saddle on a campy seatpost. currently saddle slightly forward of center. i run 2cm of spacers. litespeed says there ht length is 14.1 but it's actually 15cm. 2 3/4 inch drop saddle to bars. 5'8" and 32cm inseam. so my question is, a size 55 c-50 traditional geometry would fit me? but they're not available for another 3-4 months(i can wait). or will a size 52 compact c-50 also fit?(compact is available.) would there be a benefit to either? would a compact have better handling, center of gravity? i'd require no spacers with a 52 compact and 1cm. on a 55? seat tube angles are different. ultimately it comes down to looks, what do you guys think of compact colnagos? traditional or compact? thank you all.
need more info....C-40
Dec 2, 2003 6:16 AM
Does your vortex have a convnetional or integrated headset?

Does the 15cm HT length on your Vortex include the headset stack height?

You use 2cm of spacers with what stem angle? Stem brand and model would also be helpful.

What is the height of your handlebars from the floor to the top of the bars? Mine are 88cm above the floor, for instance.

Colnagos use a conventional headset that adds 25-30mm to the HT length, compared to an integreted headset that only adds 3-6mm. Be sure that you're comparing apples to apples. I would also call Trialtir and verify whether Colnago has actually increased all of their HT lengths by 7mm, like the charts indicate, or if the charts are in error.

A 52cm sloping frame is not equivlent to a 55cm conventional frame. It's the same as a 56cm, which is too big for you. The 50cm would be the closest size, but it's identical to a 54cm.

From your posted dimensions, I would expect a saddle height of 72-73cm. What is your saddle height, measured from the center of the BB to the top of the saddle, along the seat tube?
need more info....zippi
Dec 2, 2003 6:53 AM
thanks for replying. to answer your questions: 2003 vortex w/integrated headset. headset is 15cm w/out stack height. i use a ritchey 84 degree level (not pointed up). i called trialtir and yes ht did increase, on a 52 it's 15cm's. saddle height is 73.5. thank you again, i won't be able to sleep 'till i get this worked out
need more info....zippi
Dec 2, 2003 7:24 AM
maybe this'll help
Dec 2, 2003 9:34 AM
According to the Litespeed chart, the Vortex HT is 147mm. Adding 6mm for the headset and 20mm of spacers yields a total length of 173mm from crown race to base of stem (you should verify).

A 55cm C-50 with a 141mm HT will have a total length of 166 to 171mm (without spacers) depending on the headset chosen. A Chris King for example, is taller than a Campy record. The effective TT length compared to our Vortex is 54.3cm + 1.2cm = 55.5cm (after compensating for the steeper STA). This is the same TT length as the Vortex, after the saddle in moved back 1.2cm.

The 52cm sloping frame has an effecitve TT length of 55.6cm (compared to the Vortex), which is also virtually identical to your Vortex. The head tube is 9mm longer than 55cm Colnago, with a total length of 175-181mm, depending on the headset chosen. This would actually raise your handlebars a bit (with no spacers), unless you use a stem with a bit less steering clamp height or angle (like a Deda Newton or ITM Millennium).

Either frame would be workable, but the 52 sloping is just a bit larger, with a taller HT, slightly longer chainstays and front-center. I'd choose the 55cm myself.

My last comment is about your saddle height. Your posted inseam of 81.3cm is short for having a 73.5cm saddle height. I have and 83cm inseam and a 71cm saddle height.
You have either understated your inseam, or you have your saddle on the high side.

Try blocking up the wheels of our Vortex until you get saddle-like crotch contact with the top tube, standing over the frame in bare feet. I suspect the distnce from the floor to the top of the top tube will be more than 81.3cm.
need more info....03Vortex
Dec 2, 2003 11:47 AM
I found your post very interesting for several reasons, One is that I am just about same height (one in.taller than you); practically same cycling inseam; and i have a 55 '03 Vortex and just purchased a used 2001 55 c-40. let's talk if you would like. The '03 Vortex w/integrated headset had a HT length of 141. That is a measure of just the HT and not any headset. The '04 Vortex geometry chart is showing 147. On the 2001 C-40, I believe the HT (w/o the headset) was 137 but shows its been increased to 141 now. I will measure the C-40 at home w/ and w/o Colnago headset
I stand corrected...need more info....03Vortex
Dec 2, 2003 12:00 PM
The 55 C-40 has a HT length of 134. FYI for you is that I understand from Colnago that the C-50 does have a slightly longer HT because the frame is now usuing some oversized tubes.