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A newbie needs help!(4 posts)

A newbie needs help!rookrider
Dec 1, 2003 2:46 PM
I have $2000 to spend. I'm looking for some advice from experienced riders. I absolutely love the look of the MERLIN (brushed Titanium), I also like (don't dislike) the look of the 5200. I road the 5200 this weekend, I have not tested the MERLIN yet, I will ride it tonight. I am aware of the cyclocross setup on the MERLIN; it is my understanding that new wheels will quickly turn this to a road bike.

All input welcome and needed.
Thank you!

2003 Trek 5200 (NEW)
-FRAME OCLV® 120 Carbon is unusually light, strong, and fast. Pro Race Geometry improves handling. The same stock frame ridden by the USPS team in the Tour de France.
-FORK Bontrager Race Lite. OCLV 110 Carbon is light, responsive, and silences road vibration.
-WHEELS Bontrager Race Lite combines sleek aerodynamics and lateral rigidity for fast, durable performance.
-COMPONENTS Shimano Ultegra crank and 9-speed shifting. Double or triple chainring.


1999 Merlin Extralight (Selling as new, very low miles)
- Full Dura Ace 9spd,
- Steelman Cross fork (CA built),
- Mavic Helium tubular wheelset,
- Look carbon post,
- Chris King headset,
- Ritchey WCS canti brakes,
- 3ttt bar,
- Clement cross tires,
- Control Tech stem,
- Time ATAC titan carbon pedals.
My takelotterypick
Dec 1, 2003 2:58 PM
I have a 5500 same bike but with Dura Ace.

I love it. Disregard my thoughts if you're going to ride cross as I don't.

I'd get the 5200 with a triple (I have double, but it'd be nice to have) and have the benefit of the help of the LBS assuming your getting it local.

I've gotten lots of help, mechanically and advice, from my LBS because I got the bike there. For others it costs.
Well, test ride the Merlin..cydswipe
Dec 1, 2003 5:48 PM
See which you like the better of. I don't know diddly about cyclo-cross. There is a board here for it. The riders may have better suggestions than the 2 bikes you chose for the dollars per bang discussion. I like Trek bikes, I ride one. However, it is your dollar and your actual rear end on the bike. The Merlin bikes are nice. Some of the higher end rides make me drool. I hope you pick a great ride!
forget the merlin...C-40
Dec 2, 2003 6:24 AM
You don't want a bike with canti brakes for the road. Changing the tires won't make the merlin a true road bike.

As a newbie, you also don't want tubular wheels. A HUGE pain in the butt.