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Post-submerging cleanup(6 posts)

Post-submerging cleanupCaseysdad
Dec 1, 2003 1:37 PM
I was on a ride yesterday and found myself in a situation where I had no choice but to ride through a partially flooded section of road. The usual story - didn't look that deep until I was in the middle of it. I'm 99% sure that my hubs were never actually under water, though they did get splashed a bit. I'm not sure about my bottom bracket. Obviously, my pedals, real derailleur and chain got it pretty good.

After I finished kicking myself (no simple task while wearing shoes with Look cleats) and rode back home I started the obligatory cleanup. Since I had recently had occasion to top off most of the moving parts "down there" with ample amounts of grease/lube, the water and dirt didn't seem to have penetrated too badly. Still, I'm wondering what would generally be considered a reasonable amount of cleanup and maintenance after this kind of exposure to water. Is pulling the bottom bracket, pedals, etc. and re-greasing an automatic must-do, or will a good wipe-down, some strategically squirted WD-40 and chain lube be adequate in most cases?

I generally tend to be pretty anal about this kind of thing (the fact that I put myself in this position in the first place notwithstanding), but I figure that this time of year a certain amount of riding through wet spots is going to be unavoidable. If that's the case, is a complete soup to nuts tear-down necessary every time? Since my frame is steel, I'd want to err on the conservative side, but also don't want to repeatedly invest more time and effort than is reasonable.
re: Post-submerging cleanupLIBoy
Dec 1, 2003 2:33 PM
Tom (may I presume?),
Unfortunately, you must overhaul bb,pedals,and hubs. I would even go so far as to spray a rust inhibitor into the frame because salt water makes its way into vent holes too. In the future, stay off Dune Rd.!
re: Post-submerging cleanupCaseysdad
Dec 2, 2003 2:29 PM
Close - it's Tim. Thanks for the feedback though. And you have my word that I won't be going anywhere near Dune Rd., wherever that is...
What I do...Scollopini
Dec 1, 2003 2:40 PM
After a good soaking, one thing I do is take the seat post out and sit the bike upside down for several hours so any water inside the tubes/BB area can escape. I usually find a bit of water comes out over this time period. Most BB's and hubs are sealed therefore tend to be OK - but 7001 DA BB's are unsealed so if you ride one you would be advised to repack the BB. You can swill some fish oil inside the frame while you are doing the BB overhaul and this will inhibit any corrosion inside your frame. I clean my drive chain with kerosene - then dry it off with a rag and let it sit for several hours before reapplying oil. Kero leaves a slight oil residue so is a good chain & sprocket cleaner IMO. Sounds like your doing the right thing - your bike will be fine.
yes, you're analcyclopathic
Dec 1, 2003 3:09 PM
if you haven't done so, apply frame saver and forget about it. Otherwise maybe hang frame on rack by front wheel, there're holes in BB shell and at the end of seatstays to drain water. MTB bikes survive creek Xings, mud and much more abuse.

Since you ride daily I wouldn't worry about bearings they won't have a chance to rust. Next time you have to rebuild hubs/pedals, use cheap Walmart hub bearing grease. It has graphite and works better in wet conditions.

If you ride in rain /or live in high humidity area/ there's no way to prevent water /or sweat/ from getting inside frame, even if you apply grease on seatpost and water bottle cage and braze on front der bolts to semi-seal frame.

The best to apply frame saver before frame is assembled. With complete bike you can get away with taking off seatpost, water cage bolts and fork good luck.
A couple of things...Gregory Taylor
Dec 1, 2003 3:17 PM
I too take the seat post out, turn the bike upside down, and drain the frame. I then leave the post out overnight to let any latent moisture escape. Probably not a worry. If they are Speedplays, just shoot them with grease.

Wheels? Maybe some water in the hollow portions of the rim. It will be minimal. You can take the tire off and drain it, or you can just let it evaporate over time.