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Lemond MJ (Malliot Jaune)(3 posts)

Lemond MJ (Malliot Jaune)zacf
Nov 30, 2003 6:51 PM
Thanks for past help from folks on this board. Was waffling in choice between a Bianchi Vigorelli and a Lemond Zurich. LBS presented me with what I think is a great deal- a 2002 Malliot Jaune for $1800. I had my mind set on a tripple front- they did a near coplete groupo transplant (all Dura Ace) for $45 extra.

I'm a newby- just starting to get in shape after dropping 50lbs- never been athletic in my life. I've been on 4 25 mile rides in San Fran. Will train for a century this spring.

Love this bike. Much more than I started out looking for but $250 extra to go from 2003 Zurich to the 2002 MJ w/ full DA and better wheels seemed worth it even if it is overkill for a poor rider like me.

Thanks a again for the community help folks! Great board, great people. Now, any advice on more comfy seats?

Fire Sale?chbarr
Dec 1, 2003 6:25 AM
They must have some sort of huge deal on the Malliot Jaune. I got a 2002 Mally just like that (Dura Ace, Race X-Lite wheels, etc.) for about what you paid (a bit more, but still 40% off).

Great bike, though. I've had mine about a month and a half, and have put about 350 miles on it. It accelerates rapidly, and climbs really well. A better bike than I deserve, but, it inspires me to live up to it. :)

My big problem is that, a week after I got it, Daylight Saving Time ended, so after-work rides are limited at best. Combine that with the Ohio cold, and I at best get a ride-a-week. I'm reserving judgement on the seat until spring, when I can get enough rides to get used to it.

Fun story: one of my first rides was a local century. I commented to someone I was riding with that I was glad that the predicted rain held off, as I didn't want to get my new bike all wet. He said nice things about it. A few weeks later, someone mentioned that they told their buddy about the deal on the bike, but he was too slow. Turns out, it was the guy from the previous ride! For the rest of the afternoon, jokes such as "shoulda gone to the bike store," and "yep--they even threw in [insert extra thing here]" were heard.
MJ is a nice rig...funknuggets
Dec 1, 2003 8:07 AM
The $250 is arbitrary. I didnt see your earlier post, but what was the component/Wheel group for the Bianchi or Zurich? I think all things equal, this looks like a pretty good deal. At your skill level, I don't really think you will notice a performance increase/decrease at the Ultegra/DuraAce level, so I would consider durability for your weight, so the most important factor is likely going to be your wheelset.

Overall, the DA has some weight savings, and the DA tends to have more solid shifting in the long run, but alas...they all wear out eventually. But, if you don't race and have it tuned regularly and learn how to shift while climbing, this may be the last bike and gruppo you buy... so, I dont think you are losing anything by going with the 2002, as long as it fits. For that price point, you aren't going to go wrong. Show some pics of the bike when you get it.

Best of luck with your training.