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What companies use Giant frames?(16 posts)

What companies use Giant frames?dgangi
Nov 29, 2003 9:32 PM
I was perusing the Giant bicycle website tonight and came across some interesting information. Giant claims that they produce bikes for other manufacturers. They state that over 30% of their manufacturing capacity is for other brands. Who else uses frames made by Giant? Companies like Specialized and Kona?

Giant is the only company to use Giant frames.russw19
Nov 29, 2003 10:29 PM
Any frame that says "Giant" on it is a Giant bike.

Giant themselves do not make bikes for anybody other than Giant. It's a myth at best that they do, but more like a flat out lie designed to make them look better. The truth is that Giant's parent corporation owns a huge factory that is state of the art and many other companies contract out space and machinery in that state of the art factory to build their overseas bikes. It's not Giant making anyone's bikes... it's everyone using the same factory that is owned by Giant's parent corporation.

That may not seem like much of a distinction, but here are a few examples of other companies who have nothing to do with the parent company.. if you say Giant makes anyone else's bikes, then you would have to say that GM is responsible for 2.5 million homes satellite programming because Hughes Satellites, owners of DirecTV, is owned by GM.

With Giant and bicycles, Giant has zero say or control over any other company that makes bikes in the same factory. Trek makes their low end imported frames there, but they make them to Trek's spec's and tolerances and they are made by Trek employees who do not work for Giant. If those employees are caught giving out secrets from Trek's bikes, they get fired. Trek decides on the tubing to be used, the geometry, the thickness of the tubes, just as if the frames were being built in Wisconsin, the only thing is that they rent the floor space and machines in the factory rather than own it. And for the record, Giant Bikes is barred from saying they make anyone else's bikes, because it simply is not true. Giant makes Giant bikes... that's it.

Giant is the only company to use Giant frames.tube_ee
Nov 29, 2003 10:48 PM
Sort of.

Giant got their start as a contract builder. They still are one. If someone has Gaint Bicycle Company build their bikes, it is fair to say that those bikes are built by Giant. Designed by , but built by Giant.

In the case of Specialized, they have NEVER built a bike. In the 80's their frames were made by Miyata in Japan. When Japanese factory workers got uppity and started makng too much money, production was moved to Taiwan. I doubt if the 1 or 2 people operating the robotic frame welding machines put on a different shirt depending on whose bikes the machine is making that day.

That is also not true,TJeanloz
Dec 1, 2003 11:02 AM
Specialized made its S-Works series frames in a small shop in the US for many years. This production was only shifted overseas in 2001, after the company was purchased by Merida. Granted, this probably accounts for <1% of all Specialized bikes out there, but there are some US-built Specializeds.
You have no idea what you are talking about.wardinside
Nov 30, 2003 5:31 AM
This is the biggest line of BULL I have ever heard. you have never been to a factory in Taiwan or you would not make such a comment.

Plus Giant and Ideal and Merida do not really make bikes anyway - in the case of most road bikes. The Frames are made by companies like A-Pro, Kenesis, AluMate, Yoan, etc -- then the assembly plant (Giant, Merida, Ideal, etc) - 'build' the bike with other parts as spec'd -- cranks, wheels, etc

This whole idea that Trek or Specialized or whoever - oversees these assembly factories is a bunch of Spin.

The whole idea is laughable; and in a way sad at the same time. Why cann't people in this industry stand the truth?
Proof positive:Drafting
Nov 30, 2003 7:08 AM

Asian contract bicycle manufactures community.
Proof positive of what?russw19
Nov 30, 2003 11:06 AM
I looked thru that site... I never saw a bike with a Giant or Specialized or Trek sticker on it. Just because some Asian company makes a ton of bikes, doesn't make that site proof positive of anything. There were a ton of big box store looking bikes, but nothing you would find in a reputable bike shop with a major bike company's stickers on it.

What is this link supposed to prove?

So then which one is it Ward?russw19
Nov 30, 2003 11:00 AM
You say Giant doesn't build bikes anyways... then you say that people in the industry can't stand the truth... so what is the "truth?"

Do you claim that Giant is making anyone's bikes? Is Giant Bicycles designing, building, painting, and spec'ing the bikes? No, they are not. This is a way complicated issue and would take much more space than this board would allow to try to explain to someone who isn't in the industry, so I gave a very (emphasis on very) simplified answer of no, and a very simple annecdote to show why the statement isn't true.

Giant doesn't build anyone's bikes. On top of that they have zero say in how anyone other than their own bikes are built. To say that Giant builds bikes for Trek or Specialized or K2 or Santa Cruz, or whoever else this rumour applies to is simply false. It's a very complicated issue as to what really goes on overseas, but the short sweet simple answer is No. Giant doesn't decide what tubing Trek uses for it's 800 mountain bike. They don't determine the geometry, and they don't decide what color Trek paints it or what the decals look like. Simply put, they have ZERO SAY in what Trek does.

Tell the truth, not the spin. Consumers are mislead enough as is, don't go helping that with this line of crap. It's not like I own Trek or Specialized, so I have zero reason to lie about this.. it just makes me sick to see Giant dealers telling such BS lies to customers to sell bikes. Tell people the truth and let them choose the right bike for them.

So then which one is it Ward? It is this one that is truewardinside
Nov 30, 2003 12:45 PM
True, Giant, Merida, and Ideal do not decide what color Trek paints bikes, or tubing they use, or spec's they use -- but they do 'build' bikes for Trek. Trek does not run or oversee the assembly line at Giant, Merida, or Ideal; but they do contract to have bikes 'built' by them to Trek's spec's.
It is not complicated; it happens in almost every industry. But in bikes it seems to confuse people and even make them mad. Strange.
If you find out your Nike shoes are built in the same plant that makes some New Balance models - will you be mad? surprised? confused?

There are special cases of course; Specialized is 49% owned by Merida - AND Specialized owes Merida a lot of money - AND Merida can take over Specialized if it calls the debt -- for sure Merida can have a lot of say in Specialized spec.

The confusion comes when people claim that different quality work is done by an assemblier for different customers - this is just not true in Taiwan. When Ideal makes a bike for Fuji, and for Motobecane, and for Trek, and for Terry Precision -- all will have different spec's - but the same quality - period - easy - end of story.
Do you sell Trek by any chance?Tig
Nov 30, 2003 7:35 PM
Just wondering since you share the same attitude that our local Trek dealers have. Nothing personal, just an observation.
Actually, No. I don't.russw19
Nov 30, 2003 9:15 PM
re: What companies use Giant frames?asgelle
Nov 30, 2003 5:58 AM
You might take a look at Dan Empfield's article at:
Nov 30, 2003 6:19 AM
This article that can be clicked to from the above post is very informative. There are a few small errors; but the overall info is dead on.

This would clear up a lot for especially those LBS types who are posting a bunch of Spin fed to them by their Trek or Specialized Rep.
Wow - that is a great postdgangi
Nov 30, 2003 11:01 AM
Thanks for sharing this URL. I read the entire article and learned a lot. If this article is even 50% accurate, it sheds a lot of light on the bike industry and is contradictory to what my LBS's tell me. This information is also contradictory to what many on this board state when discussing the country of origin of their favorite brand.

Concur. Excellent article.DL Lawrence
Nov 30, 2003 2:31 PM
I found that article extremely insightful in regards to the bike business. Thanks for the link, dude.
I'm going with the others-fascinating article (nm)mickey-mac
Nov 30, 2003 3:08 PM