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Worst Thanksgiving Story(2 posts)

Worst Thanksgiving Storylotterypick
Nov 26, 2003 10:39 AM
Mines not that bad, but it sucked.

Go up north to my mom's house for Thanksgiving with the wife and kids.

We get up there and she tells us that she invited like 20 people over for dinner.

Now she's not known to be the cooking type so I'm looking around and don't see the typical things in the kitchen you expect when someones readying the meal.

Come to find that she hasn't bought anything and worst of all, doesn't know how to make anything.

Long story short, I run to the store, buy the last Turkey and other things. Ready things all night. Wake up super early and am on the phone with my mother in law (thanks to her) and she gives me the instructions on how to do everything.

Of course, my wife is helping me, but that had to be the worst.

Thankfully, everything turned out fine.

THe best was Thanksgiving at Mammoth. Went up there, everyone thought the storm would keep going, so they didn't come up. Had the whole mountain with my family and friends to ourselves, fresh powder galore. That was the best.
Like the Mammoth story; happened to us at Solitude once (nm)hrv
Nov 26, 2003 3:01 PM