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Off topic... but does anyone here own a SONY NET MD player(5 posts)

Off topic... but does anyone here own a SONY NET MD playerrubendc19
Nov 26, 2003 8:45 AM
I was hoping someone here has one of these devices, and can give me the low down, I know that you can transfer your cd to the mini disc.... but what about MP3 I have on my computer. Are those transferable? Any other comments are welcomed?
ipod but don't ride with it nmandy02
Nov 26, 2003 9:48 AM
Minidisc playersundertrained
Nov 26, 2003 10:26 AM
You can transfer mp3's to minidisc but its a big pain in the ass as Sony software sucks. It's got all sorts of copy protection features and crashes all the time. If you burn CD's straight to minidisc its great. The discs are cheap and the unit doesn't skip.
re: Off topic... but does anyone here own a SONY NET MD playerrussw19
Nov 26, 2003 4:42 PM
Sony has a proprietary software called ATRAC3. It's not that good. I have a minidisc player/recorder and I love it, but not for playing mp3's. If I want to transfer mp3's from my computer to the minidisc, I have a headphones out jack on the volume control of my speakers that I plug into the mic/line in of the minidisc. Then I set up my playlist in Winamp and start it and start recording and just go to bed. When I wake up in the morning, my disc for the day is ready to go, but it only records that way in real time... that's why I do it before going to bed. I also have portable cd player that play's mp3 discs... if you are looking to not use a hard drive or memory recorder like a Rio player or an Ipod, it's the way to go. I got one after buying a stereo for my car that plays mp3 discs, that way I don't have to transfer my music library to different formats and I have a back up of what's on my computer (I have over 85 gigs of music on my computer.)

But the minidisc has a lot of advantages other than playing mp3's. I use mine to listen to music between classes and then I have an inline mic to tape my teacher's lectures while in class. Minidiscs are pretty cheap, usually less than $2 a disc if you know where to look, and they can be written and rewritten over a thousand times. It is actually a better format than cd's as you can erase on the fly or reorganize on the fly too. But they are limited in that cdr's are very cheap now and cd players are more popular than minidisc players.

Other than the link someone else provided, this place it pretty good for Q and A and has good prices and service.

Hope that helps,
re: Off topic... but does anyone here own a SONY NET MD playerbiker
Nov 26, 2003 6:05 PM
Also, be aware that not all MD player/recorders provide support for in-line recording. On the units that do not provide this, but provide a USB interface. You can use various software that will capture audio stream on the line output of your sound card and then you can port it though SonicStage to MD player.