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LBS Rave(2 posts)

LBS Ravehrv
Nov 25, 2003 3:24 PM
Saw the lengthy post below about the 'stem switch' LBS Rant below and it was timely, but my experience was the opposite.

Decided I wanted to shorten my reach, so first tried moving saddle forward and seemed better. Led me to believe I wanted to get a different stem (shorter), and move my seat back.

Go into the shop (have 3 shops in my town , pop. 5000 !).
I ask if they have a 90mm, -10 deg. Then I get weird, and say I'd like it in black, if they had one, to match my seatpost. They don't have the 90 in black, nor is it -10 deg. But in talking with the owner he suggests I try an adjustable stem , dial it in, and order the correct size. So he takes a stem off a new bike, since he says it is 'nicer' than the adjust. one in the parts rack, and installs it; problem is can't get it to tighten solidly, even with the shim. So he proceeds to take a stem off another new bike, an 80, and says I should try that. I was shocked that he was tearing new bikes apart to let me try stuff! Couldn't stop thanking him for his help. Went in on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon, and I was the only customer in the shop.

Have never bought a bike there, but like most people, the money spent on parts/clothes does add up to quite a bit over the years. Anyways, the 80 is too small, 90 should be perfect, have one on order. Yeah, it's very likely I'll be buying a bike from them in the future, esp. since the bike I want they carry.

Thought I'd pass along the good stories too.

Life is good when you get excellent service from the LBS!GeoCyclist
Nov 25, 2003 8:48 PM
I love stopping by my LBS. I usually stop by once a week; as I work into the return leg of a ride. Same as you, I've never bought a bike from my LBS, but the owner just can't do enough for the local cycling guys / gals!

Ride on!