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Lunch time ride. Was I being "dissed"?(10 posts)

Lunch time ride. Was I being "dissed"?Marketing Dept
Nov 25, 2003 10:47 AM
I just finished up a cyclocross workout on a 1 mile loop around a local highschool. On the first lap, I passed several h-schoolers enjoying their lunch out doors.

On the second lap, I got a "go Lance!" from a couple of them. On each consecutive lap, the crowd grew and the accolades (I assuming) grew until by the end of the 10 mile/lap, I think I had half of the school population for a cheering section.

My question is:

Was their intent to-

a. Make fun of a 5'8 skinny adult riding a bike wearing funny clothes?

b. Show off their in-depth cycling world knowledge by letting me know they knew something about other sports other than NFL and NBA?

c. So bored with their lunch that I was actually interesting to watch?

d. Just being kids?


e. All of the above

What actually happened is that I actually worked harder to keep increasing my speed on each lap as to actually live up to the name (at least in my mind anyway).

Its things like this that can turn a workout into a ride you remember for a while, regardless of the intent.
Not 'dissed' unless you heard ithaystack
Nov 25, 2003 11:12 AM
Sounds like you genuinly gave those students a great primer for cycling in general and CX specifically (even though they might not know what CX is) and that's awesome! IMO, cycling in the US is still viewed like the movie 'Breaking Away.' Something done by many Euros, but mastered by a select few Americans. Then you also have idiot radio talk show hosts who insite vicious behavior toward cyclists by not being willing to share the road. Also, cycling has a 'snob factor' because of the cost of bikes, components, gear, clothing, etc. Talk to most people with kids and any bike over $200 is overpriced and you have to work to get it to go!
Probably a little bit of each!innergel
Nov 25, 2003 12:02 PM
It's always the unexpected little things that make rides memorable.

One quick example:
I was riding in a 16 man paceline up a three mile long hill into a headwind at about the 1/2 way point of a 100k rally. When it came my turn to pull, I looked up the road a bit and there on the roadside stood my wife and daughter. As we passed, they cheered like we were barreling down the Champs Elleyse (sp?). They were the only car around. When the rally finished, I had almost everyone in that paceline come up and tell me how great it was to have a cheering section out there.
NOTHING and I mean NOTHING better than...Marketing Dept
Nov 25, 2003 12:07 PM
the smile of your favorite girls. Awesome!
Probably a & d...Triphop
Nov 25, 2003 12:33 PM
Yeah, they were dissin' you, in good fun...but it could have been worse.

The "Go Lance" thing has happened to me a number of times, a passing car with highschool or college kids who think they are all cool, one of them will hang out the window and yell "Go Lance" and laugh...from the tone of voice, laughter and devious grins I take it as mockery. Whatever. I remember the way kids in my highschool treated cyclists, and it could be ALOT, so I remind myself they are dumb kids a shrug it off.

But you are right it can be hard to tell the intentions...
I'd say A,C, and D..namaSSte
Nov 25, 2003 12:12 PM
but who casres? you got a better workout in anyway.

If it makes you feel any better, I had some kids cracking on me on the trails this weekend. They were walking along when the one says "you can't ride, let's see a wheelie" (as if that defines ability :) Anyway, I get the most concentrated look on my face and pull back hard lifting the front wheel about 1.5" off the ground. Then I pumped my arm in the air and yelled "yeah!" as if I were truly the man. They didn't know which end was up until I turned around, crossed their path again and dropped 4.5' to flat off a wall right in front of them throwing in a little x-up for style. Then I think they realized I was toying with them. Still, I'm not sure I'd have ridden that wall, having looked at it many times before and fearing the sketchy runout, if they hadn't kinda egged me on. In the end, they helped me in some way so who cares? Isn't that what I intially said anyway? lol!
Missed opportunitywooglin
Nov 25, 2003 1:06 PM
You didn't stop and talk to them after you were done? At least say thanks for the encouragement? Shame on you!

For penance I think you should go to the principal's office. And try to organize a little demo race on the school grounds.....
I would say C and D (nm)PEDDLEFOOT
Nov 25, 2003 1:30 PM
With half the student body out there...NatC
Nov 25, 2003 11:34 PM
I'd say:

Some were doing "a"

A couple were doing "b"

Most were "c"

All were "d"
a,c,d. Wouldn't you expect something funky at a HS? (nm)geeker
Nov 26, 2003 8:09 AM