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Do you use foot powder? (kind of stinky,a touch embarassing)(6 posts)

Do you use foot powder? (kind of stinky,a touch embarassing)128
Nov 25, 2003 10:03 AM
Never had an unusual problem with foot odor (just the usual) but recently I put Gold Bond and then Johnson's in my sneakers and it's like there's a dead fart lingering around my feet all day and it's all I can smell and it drives me nuts. I don't use any powder in the cycling shoes. And have discontinued any further use in general.

Is talc/foot/baby powder a no-no for shoes? Is there a rule? Is it that once you sweat in powered shoes, sneakers in my case, that's it? They'll forever smell foul? Am I ....the..... only.... one?? : )


Mr. Poop
Funny you bring this up...haystack
Nov 25, 2003 11:21 AM
I have a pair of trail running shoes that have started to smell so strong I can smell them while wearing them. They're still in great shape, so throwing them out isn't an option. Initially I used Johnson's Medicated Baby powder as it has Zinc Oxide and other ingredients and it worked OK. Then as I was cleaning my house, I came across two MTB race packets with samples of a foot powder called Odor K'zam! I sprinkled a generous amount into each shoe and shook it around like a Shake-n-Bake chicken. So far, things are tolerable. Here's the link if you're interested
My cleats live in the driveway. Thanks for the link. nm128
Nov 25, 2003 11:25 AM
I made an interesting discovery in my youth ...Humma Hah
Nov 25, 2003 12:24 PM
My feet stank. So I washed them.

They still stank, so I washed them more, in scalding hot water with antibacterial soap. They stank even worse.

So I took to simply rinsing my feet when I took my shoes off before bedtime. I never scrub my feet any more, I just let them rinse off as I shower. I no longer have much foot odor.

For me, at least, the key is not removing or weakening the bacteria that are SUPPOSED to be on my feet. Those don't stink. The ones that stink are the ones that go nuts after you've done something to kill the good ones, by over-washing or using a medicated product that kills bacteria.

Activated charcoal inserts like "odor eaters" do seem to help without aggravating the problem.
re: Do you use foot powder? (kind of stinky,a touch embarassing)No_sprint
Nov 25, 2003 2:09 PM
Throw them in the washer.
Try wool socks...Cartman
Nov 25, 2003 8:47 PM
if I wear wool socks, my feet don't stink. If I wear synthetics or cotton, they do.