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Sprint help for young rider(3 posts)

Sprint help for young riderKiwi Rider
Nov 25, 2003 12:11 AM
Hi, I'm a junior rider (3rd year) who competitively rides. Lately, I have been losing our local U17 Crits to a very able rider, but I am sure I should be beating him. So, I need to work on my sprints (I keep on being either pipped at the line, or plainly out sprinted). How is the best way to do this? What training techniques should I use? Being U17, in NZ, we have a restriction to 6.61m per pedal revolution, so I have top gear of 52-17. Most the time I top out at around 50km/hr, there is a slight rise to the after a small rise around a corner.
Thanks in advance,

Kiwi Rider
Sprint intervals and fast cadencebimini
Nov 25, 2003 5:47 AM
ouch! a 52-17 top gear will have you spinning out at the finish so you need to work on a spinning sprint for the final finish. I like to spin, so one of my favorite finish intervals is to find a long gradual down hill and spin up to speed (40 km/hr)and when I get to the bottom stand up and run up through the gears while standing and then spin out a gear while in my tuck to try to get it up to 35 MPH (56 km/hr if my math is right). Do this a few times with a breather in between. I have a loop where I can do this a few times. (I get to pass cars while in the bike lane in one section so it makes it fun).

You may want to get a computer with Cadence and work on the high speed spin. If you can handle 120+ without spinning out of control that would be a help with the gearing restriction. Shorter crank arms may help on the high speed spin. You might want to try 170s or even shorter unless you have long legs.

Off the line is just low to medium cadence power. To work on this I like city stop light riding. Just wait for the light to turn green and drop the hammer. I try to keep up with traffic to keep it interesting. Just give it all and then recover at the next light and do it again.
Sprint intervals and fast cadenceKiwi Rider
Nov 25, 2003 9:12 PM
Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I use 172.5mm cranks because they came with the bike and back then had no idea about bikes (wish I got Campy), but next year I will be :) I got some places out in the country where I could do some high cadence spins, and I do have a computer with cadence. Spinning at 120 is normal for me too, but I need that edge! Admitedly he has been training more than me (Just had exams) and he's been training for a 160km ride whilst I've been doing next to nothing, but exams are over (one to go on Friday) so I'll be back into it, earning my new bike!
Thanks again

Kiwi Rider