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Anyone use bike trays that mount to you factory crossbars?(3 posts)

Anyone use bike trays that mount to you factory crossbars?lampshade
Nov 24, 2003 6:44 AM
I have been thinking of getting a couple of bike trays to mount on the factory crossbars of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Something like the Thule Velovise. Does anyone have any experience with this type of system? I am looking at these b/c the Jeep has a pretty substantial factory rack and adding a whole traditional aftermarket rack system would clutter up the roof a lot. This FAQ from the Rocky Mounts site suggests that this is not a safe option. Any truth to this? I imagine that if bikes typically flew out of this type of carrier, cmopanies like Thule and Yakima wouldn't offer them Is RM just saying ths b/c they don't make a product for factory racks?:

Q: Can Rocky Mounts fit on my Factory Installed Crossbars?

A: Sorry, again. Factory Bars are made from thin wall aluminum. They cannot withstand the forces applied by a fork mounted carrier. It is not hard for us to design one, but you would spend a lot of time picking your trusty steed up off the highway.
yupJS Haiku Shop
Nov 24, 2003 7:38 AM
yup, i use the thule velo vice. bought mine second-hand from another board member before he moved outta town. it was a couple years old at that point, and in great shape. i figure it will keep going forever, with possible exception of some rust on the skewers. they are easy enough to replace, though.

i've had it loaded with 2 bikes, on the highway, at speed, with no problems. for extended trips i'll put the bikes into the vehicle (honda element), if only for gas economy and to save the time otherwise spent cleaning bug guts off the head tubes.

the statement by rocky mounts seems a bit nebulous. the ability of a factory rack to withstand those forces should vary between manufacturers. i think their statement is questionable, at best. much as i dote on and obsess about my merckx, i'd have no reservations about putting it up there for a long highway trip.
Thanks J,lampshade
Nov 24, 2003 8:03 AM
I wanted to make sure that there hadn't been a ton of people's bikes just flying off of these racks.

I imagine that the equipment failure rate on roof racks must be next to nothing, considering the carnage a bike flying off a rack at highway speed could cause. Now, user error is a whole 'nother issue!