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Winter Fashion Tips-the compilation(2 posts)

Winter Fashion Tips-the compilationSadlebred
Nov 23, 2003 9:36 PM
This is what is went on my website. All of the suggestions were great! I combined a few into one. Since it is supposed to be a somewhat humorous/satircal list, I rewrote others but kept the suggestion in there.

Winter Fashion Tips and Observations (with special thanks to the guys at that helped me with these)

1. Knee warmers and leg warmer are meant to be worn under your shorts. Arm warmers are supposed to be put under the jersey sleeves. 
2. Booties and Gortex Socks keep feet toasty. The same for windproof gloves for hands. 
3. Don't worry, everyone looks like the Michelin Man too. 
4. Be visible at night. Wear light colored clothing. Use lights.
5. Layer!
6. Warm your Heart Rate Monitor strap before putting it on. Keep your shoes and shorts in a warm place.
7. If you realize you forgot to put on your HRM chest strap after getting 3 layers on, forget about it. It's not THAT important.
8. Use the bathroom BEFORE getting dressed. 
9. Pay attention to the order you put the clothes on. Start with your feet and work your way up and out. Socks first, shorts and tights, then upper layers. Hat and helmet, then gloves. You can't tighten shoes or clip your helmet strap with 2 layers on your hands. One exception: Shoes. Leave those for later because you will be walking around the house trying to find all this crap. 
10. Dress to be cold for at least the first ten minutes. You will warm up. If you don't warm up, then you dressed wrong. Have fun freezing your butt off.
11. Merino wool turtlenecks (and socks). Soft, they wick, they don't get smelly.
One more idea.....MR_GRUMPY
Nov 24, 2003 7:07 AM
If you're going to be outside long enough that you have to use a tree, be sure to put on tights instead of bib tights.
Bib tights over bib shorts can cause major problems, even if you can find an indoor bathroom.